Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mother's Day

By Kate Connolly from Diana Orgain's Maternal Instinct mystery series

My first ever Mother’s Day is coming up! I can’t believe Laurie is getting so big and that I’ve completed launched a new career since she was born. Okay, “launched” might be an exaggeration, but “started” for sure. Jim is asking what I want for Mother’s Day.

I know he’s thinking something along the lines of this beautiful ring

or maybe even this bracelet?

What is wrong with me, that I’m thinking about a lock pick set or fingerprint dusting kit ?

How about you? What are you hoping for this Mother’s day?


  1. I'm hoping for a Mother's Day Brunch with my son & new daughter-in-law...and even better, that's what I'm getting!!!
    Although I do think a lock pick set would be great, too!

  2. Gorgeous lock picks! Who could ask for anything more?

  3. You really think so, Joyce? Don't they remind you of the dentist? I'm just saying... not that they won't come in handy!
    Erika - sounds lovely.