Friday, May 25, 2012

No Politics Please

by Seth Chapin, from Sheila Connolly's Orchard Mysteries

I keep telling Meg I don't want to get involved in this.  I'm not looking for publicity (unless, of course, you want your home remodeled—then I'm your man, especially if it's an authentic colonial). But I keep getting pulled into Meg's projects.

We've had a lot going on this spring.  At the top of the list is expanding her orchard, which is really a joint venture:  she's leasing some of the Chapin land adjacent to her own and planting a thousand new trees.  I would have been happy to let her use the land without paying me, but she wants to keep everything on a sound business footing.  I guess that's left over from her former banking job.  At least she let me arrange for my friend Jake to help with clearing the three acres and digging the holes for the trees with his backhoe, but apart from that Meg and Bree are handling the whole thing by themselves.  I have to admire them both—they aren't afraid of hard work.

But there have been a couple of dark clouds, I'll admit.  One is that a guy I played football with in high school suddenly shows up back in town, and it looks like he's going to be running for Congress. That wouldn't bother me so much, but as it turns out Meg's friend Lauren is running the campaign and she keeps trying to get me involved, since I take part in local politics in Granford, and when I respectfully decline she insists on asking me why.  I tell her, that's between the candidate and me, and it has little to do with the campaign.  But it's hard to stop Lauren, which may mean she'll be a good campaign manager.  Me, I'm staying out of it.

The other cloud:  the death of a dairy farmer who lived on the north side of town.  I really admired Joyce and her husband, because dairy farming isn't easy.  Not too many people in town had a chance to know her, because she was so busy with the herd and milking, and now they won't get a chance.  Sadly, it looks like one of the cows was responsible—seems a little odd to me.  Still, Joyce will be missed—we can't afford to lose any more farmers.

All in all, Meg and I have had an interesting spring.

Sour Apples will be released August 7, 2012


  1. Why do they always blame the animals? Sigh. Let us into that barn. We'll sniff out who killed Joyce.

  2. Good luck Seth! Hope those dark clouds lift soon :-)

  3. Seth, I wouldn't assume the dark clouds will just 'lift' unless you and Meg work on stirring up a wind that will blow them away!! I would go with your gut; if something seems odd, it probably is odd.

  4. Seth, I think Meg will get involved and you'll be dragged along because the cow did not do it.

  5. I love all the trouble you guys get into!!!

  6. Yeah, they blamed the cow in Chicago too.