Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pushing Pepper Aside

By Josie Giancola from the Button Box mysteries by Kylie Logan
Usually, I step aside and let Pepper Martin have her say on the 5th of every month. She’s the PI to the dead whose adventures are told in the Pepper Martin mysteries by Casey Daniels. Yes, I am quiet and polite. Yes, I always mind my manners. But today...damn it!...I’m not letting anyone get in my way!

Today, you see, marks a special day of sorts. One month from today–on June 5–my newest adventure arrives on the shelves.

The book is "Hot Button" and it’s the second in the Button Box mystery series about me, the country’s leading expert on antique and collectible buttons.
This time, I’m chairing an international convention of button collectors. You know how that can be. I’ve got fussy attendees, lots of technical difficulties, a hunky ex who keeps showing up. Oh, and a dead guest of honor.

Never the best way to start off a conference.

What’s especially frustrating about this case is that Thad Wyant (the dead guy mentioned above) is the owner of the world’s one and only genuine Geronimo button and–

What’s that?

You’ve never heard of the Geronimo button?

A quick history lesson: Geronimo, the great Native American warrior, was once a prisoner of the American government. He was also something of a rock star. He appeared in Wild West shows. He rode in Teddy Roosevelt’s inaugural parade. But he was never allowed to return home to his people in Arizona.

That didn’t stop plenty of folks from visiting him, and when they did, Geronimo would cut the buttons from his shirts and sell them. By the time he died in the early 1900, he had more than $10K in the bank. Not bad for those days!

So you can see why a Geronimo button would be interesting. And valuable. As for why anyone would kill to get their hands on it . . .

You’ll have to wait for the publication of "Hot Button" to find out!


  1. I never knew Geronimo did that...thanks for the history lesson. Looking forward to reading your next adventure.

  2. An international convention of button collectors? I'm on my way! See you there, Josie!

  3. You go Josie--sometimes you have to stand your ground! Love Hayley Snow

  4. Looking forward to Hot Button!