Thursday, May 24, 2012

A smart phone by any other name is just dumb

By Kate Connolly from Diana Orgain's Maternal Instinct mystery series

I have recently upgraded to a smart phone. Well, of course, I have to...for work and all. I mean what kind of private investigator would I make if I couldn’t text and chat immediately? Not to mention…eh hem…call for help when necessary.
What I didn’t count on is that Laurie would constantly be fighting me for the phone. What is the deal with a baby’s fascination for electronics? Remote controls, cell phone, key fob  - any item that lights up and makes noise really, but it can’t be a toy. If I hand her a toy Elmo phone she throws it right back at me. 
Fortunately, mom found me a "dummy" phone on Amazon. Looks just like a smart phone, but it's not. And as it turned out it was good thing she did because...well, I can't tell, you know, because that would be spoiler! 
How about you? Do you have any great tricks at keeping a baby happy while drooling away on your expensive stuff?
Sesame Street - Elmo Cell Phone
Motorola MB200 Cliq White,Dummy Display Toy Cell Phone Good for Store Display, or for Kids to Play, looks & feels as the real phone


  1. Well, if by 'little one' you mean the cat, mine always reaches for the TV remote. He's a male; figures.

  2. Even animals like the remote control? Oh dear!

  3. Those fake smart phones are good with kids until about 3 then they know the difference!