Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life is Better on the Wrong Side of the Tracks

Iced Chiffon
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October, 2012

Big Joey here. Cities are not all glitz and glamour, there’s the tough side, the other side of the tracks and that’s where me and my posse hang out. The way I see it we keep those rich folks on their toes. Heck, if it wasn’t for us they’d never lock their doors or stay out of a dark alley. We’re doing them a service.
And we’re good for local color. We got the best food on our side of the track here in Savannah, ask anyone.

No one does cornbread like the Sweet Potato kitchen over on Waters Avenue and a catfish BLT that makes a grown man cry.

Sugar Daddy’s cheesecake is to die for. Two brothers came to blows over the last piece and I’m not taking guns here.

Vinny Van Go-Gos is the place for pizza and beer on a hot summer’s night and nothing beats Leopold’s ice cream.

Isaac’s on Drayton has been around for two-hundred years and their fired green tomato sandwich is straight from heaven. Maybe that’s why it’s haunted all to heck and back. Six Pence is where they shot that move Something to Talk About and they got a Ruben sandwich that you won’t believe.

B. Matthews black-eyed pea sandwiches are legendary and have this Remoulade sauce you’ll be licking your fingers over.

New Sisters of the South cooks like my mamma does with a can for drippings on the stove and buttermilk in the fridge. Wall’s BBQ has the best in town and their mac and cheese is better than my granny’s…don’t you be telling her that I said that now you hear.

So what’s it like in your neck of the woods? What eats is your town know for? When you get company where do you take them for local color and local grub?


  1. Sounds downright colorful!! And everything sounds so good... especially the catfish BLT! Any slaw with that?

  2. We eat a lot of barbecue and greens here in North Carolina. The mac and cheese sounds good!

  3. Hi, Victoria and Joyce. Wish we could all meet up in Savannah for lunch! Catfish BLT is amazing and I love slaw!! Delish
    Joyce, BBQ is my fav and no one does it better than North Carolina.
    All this food talk makes me hungry!!