Monday, June 4, 2012

New plans on the horizon?

Charlotte Bessette

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I love making plans. I love new ideas, new concepts, new inspiration.

And to that end, I’m pleased to announce that my good friend, Jenna Hart, is opening The Cookbook Nook in Crystal Cove, California, a beautiful seaside town with a fabulous Mediterranean climate. I can’t wait to visit. The shop is situated in Fisherman’s Village, a quaint selection of shops and dining opportunities. The Cookbook Nook will offer all sorts of cookbooks--old, new, and rare--as well as culinary mysteries and general fiction about food. Did any of you ever read CHOCOLAT?  Heavenly.  In addition, Jenna will sell knickknacks and kitchen items, and she’ll offer cooking classes and more. I’ve seen some of the fun decorative things she has for sale. Miniature measuring cups, beautifully tooled cookbook holders, aprons, jigsaw puzzles, and there will be a whole children’s section!

In addition, The Cookbook Nook’s café will serve simple but elegant meals. The café overlooks the ocean. Isn’t that cool? I can just imagine sunsets on the patio with a margarita in hand. Delicious. And Jenna has hired an old high school friend and fabulous cook to be the chef. What fun!

I met Jenna when she was working at Taylor and Squibb, an advertising agency in San Francisco. My cousin Matthew and I were thinking about doing some added publicity for Fromagerie Bessette, and Jenna was what the agency liked to call the Problem Solver. Ultimately, we decided that something global wasn’t really what we were after. But Jenna and I have kept in touch.

Sadly, she lost her husband two years ago. I think the move to Crystal Cove will be good for her. Give her a fresh start.

Now, just so you know, the shop won’t be ready until next year 2013, mid-summer, so I’ll have to wait a bit to visit--so will you, I guess--but I’m so excited for her.

On that note, do you or your family or friends have new plans on the horizon?

Care to share? I'm always excited for change, aren't you?


By the way, in case you hadn't figured it out, Jenna’s author is the same as my author, except they have different names. How can that be? Well, one author’s name (mine) is a pseudonym. Avery Aames is fictional, like me, but she and Daryl Wood Gerber are one and the same. It stretches the imagination, doesn’t it?

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  1. Cookbooks, new AND old... oh my! Sounds like my kind of shop!!

  2. Can't wait for this series...sounds fantastic!!!

    1. Melissa, thank so much, we're excited, too! Love to read new series and meet new friends.

      ~Charlotte Bessette (in for Avery and Daryl today)

  3. Loved CHOCOLAT -- both the book & movie! I'm so looking forward to this new store, series, passion!

    1. Ahem, Erika, please do not mistake this new series for CHOCOLAT, okay? Promise! But, yes, didn't you love that book and the movie? Swoon! And books like that will be in the store along with cookbooks and culinary mysteries from popular authors like Krista Davis, Cleo Coyle, Julie Hyzy, Lucy Burdette, Peg Cochran, Sheila Connolly, Wendy Lyn Watson, and more!! What fun is that!!!

      ~Charlotte Bessette (in for Avery and Daryl today) :)

  4. Victoria, yes, both. Isn't that fun? I know Jenna will do a good job of it. And her aunt, the one putting her up to this? She's a darling. She tells fortunes, but really she's wealthy and owns the Fisherman's Village where the Cookbook Nook is located. I can't wait to visit.

    ~Charlotte Bessette (standing in for Avery and Daryl today) :)

  5. I want to visit so many places and meet the other people who post on this blog! I'm adding Crystal Cove to my list...

  6. Willow, I hope you will visit Ohio and maybe we could go together to California. Wouldn't that be a fun road trip! You could teach me to embroider and I could show you all the fabulous cheese shop across America!


  7. Sounds like fun! Good luck with the new series!

  8. My gosh, Charlotte, this sounds so very much like a certain cookbook store in Occoquan Virginia!

    And you forgot to say: "The cookbook nook books, theyyyyrrrrreee gripping!"

    Love, Hayley Snow