Sunday, June 10, 2012

One Lapse in Judgment

Sean Harris from Miranda James' "Cat in the Stacks" series

I had it all figured out. At least, until about six months ago I did. One lapse in judgment, and my career as a corporate lawyer in Houston went from awesome to absolute crap.

So what did Sean, the formerly cocky, hopefully still smart ex-corporate lawyer do? He loaded up his car with his wordly belongings (really happy that he'd been leasing a furnished apartment) and his dog and moved to Athena, Mississippi, where his father lived.

Back in the nest at the ripe old age of 28. So not awesome. I have to say that my father, Charlie, was pretty decent about the whole thing. He does have enough curiosity for seventeen cats, though, and I knew it was bugging the crap out of him that I wouldn't tell him why I'd quit my job. I was way too embarrassed, at first, but I finally came clean.

Speaking of cats, my dad has this humongous cat that looks like something out of a freak show. Diesel's actually pretty cool and laid-back. He's just freakin' big like you wouldn't believe. I mean, who expects a house cat to weigh thirty-six pounds? He's three times as big as Dante, the toy poodle I brought with me. (I didn't particularly want a dog, but the poor little guy needed a home, and I couldn't just leave him where he was. Not with that, well, Dad would have a fit if I used the word I really want to right now.)

What worries me is these murders that Dad keeps getting involved in. It's not like he goes looking for corpses. Maybe it's just bad luck, you know, being in the right place at the wrong time. Laura and I worry about him. How many murders can a fifty-ish librarian and his cat stumble into?


  1. Lots, probably. Good thing you're there to help him. Or is it...????

  2. A whole bunch, but with your legal expertise, you could help solve it quicker with your dad.

  3. Dru, I do try to help, but my dad doesn't always tell me everything, so he usually gets to the answer faster.