Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Mother Worries, You Know

by Dorothy Van Huss of The Long Stitch Goodnight by Amanda Lee

My daughter, Sadie Van, MacKenzie, has gotten herself into quite the pickle. It's not her fault, really, it's Blake's. Blake is Sadie's husband, and he's landed himself in jail for murder.

Can you believe it? Sadie's father and I didn't even know Blake had been arrested until Sadie's friend Marcy Singer clued us in that something was wrong. She didn't mean, to, mind you, but I pick up on things.

Now Sadie's father and I have gone to stay with her and help her out. She needed an attorney, and we spoke with the man who drafted our wills. We've known him for years, and even though he doesn't have any experience with criminal law, he agreed to take Blake's case. Wasn't that nice of him?

Todd Calloway, Blake's rowdy friend, was also arrested for the same murder. It seems that he and Blake were the only ones in the room with Graham Stott--a fellow who used to date Sadie, by the way--when Graham was shot and killed. Truth be told, Todd is probably the very bird that killed Graham. But he hired a slick attorney, and I'll bet you dollars to donuts he'll get exonerated and Blake will be blamed for Graham's death.

Sometimes life just isn't fair, don't you agree? What's something you've noticed that's unfair? (Amanda Lee just piped up with, "It's not fair that everything that tastes good is so fattening!" I believe Ms. Lee needs to learn a thing or two about willpower.)


  1. Okay, first things first... it's nice that you hired a lawyer, but it shouldn't be one for drawing up a will!! Blake needs a criminal lawyer... not a lawyer who's a criminal, (LOL) but one who defends in criminal suits.

    And unfair? There's SO much that seems unfair, it's hard to pick just one thing!!

  2. I agree entirely with Amanda Lee!

    Poor Blake. What a rotten break. I hope your lawyer can help him.


  3. Ooooh. Not sure characters should complain about their authors. We may not have willpower when it comes to things like ice cream, but we do have power...

  4. Good point, Janet! Speaking for Amanda, I think the author used Mrs. Van Huss to take out some frustrations over her MIL's unwavering trust in an attorney who is either lazy or doesn't care much about his clients. Case in point, when Amanda's FIL retired and realized the pension he'd paid into for years didn't exist, the attorney advised them to "just let it go." He pretty much said that the company had the money to bankrupt them if they fought it. And, yet, the MIL still returns to this guy for her will, questions about her property, etc. Grr! (Sorry for the rant!)