Sunday, August 19, 2012

Don't Mess With My Mojo!

Corpse in the Crystal Ball by Kari Lee Townsend
Morty tells us how he really feels...

Okay, people, let me tell you how I really feel.

My name is Morty, and I live with Sunshine Meadows in a lovely house she named Vicky.

We are all perfectly content living there, at least when Detective Mitch Stone isn't around. At least when he does come around, I have Granny Gert to keep me company since Mitch hogs all of Sunny's time.

It works...sort why mess with a good thing?

But noooo, our author, Kari Lee Townsend, decided she just HAD to take us all with her. I understand she is being the good "mom" and taking her son on all sorts of college visits to see the campus and meet with the lacrosse coaches.

Good for her. Good for us...not so much!

I get that she has deadlines, but come on! We spent almost a week in a car, then hotel rooms, then campuses...I am exhausted. Not to mention I am sick of all the characters in this series by now. From now on, I'm simply pulling a disappearing act. I can do that, you know. And if this ever happens again (which it probably will since she has 4 children) I plan to.

No one messes with my mojo!

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  1. Next time you see them packing the car--hide!

  2. Now come on, Morty. Get real. (Oh, sorry - was that insensitive considering your condition?) But think about it. You wouldn't be anybody without that mom. She IS a good mom, doing good mom things. And Morty, as the saying goes, ain't nobody happy if mama ain't happy. That's goes for dead bodies, too.

  3. Morty, aren't all these trips an opportunity to get into mischief? I know Krista loves it when I do that. I recommend beating them to the college interview office. Wait for them on the desk, twitching your tail with annoyance. With any luck, the interviewer will be allergic to cats -- won't that be fun?

    ~ Mochie

  4. Can't wait to read this one! Loved the first in the series!

  5. I suppose I could have some fun toying with the admissions people. Then again, Mama just might kill me off if I did that to her "real" baby. I think I'll just dissappear next time :-)