Thursday, August 23, 2012

Insufferable, Insulting Clod

by Kath Rutledge from Last Wool and Testament

   ~  first in the Haunted Yarn Shop mysteries by Molly MacRae
       Pub date: September 4, 2012

I like lists. They keep me organized, keep me on task. And, since being  back in Blue Plum, I’ve noticed they keep me feeling sane. Notice I said “feeling sane,” not “sane.” Lists help, though. They’re like counting to ten before punching a sheriff’s deputy in the nose.

Which sheriff’s deputy? Deputy Cole Dunbar. Here’s my list about him. It’s not a top ten list or a worst ten list or a list of things I’d like to subject him to, were I given the opportunity. It’s just a nice, neat list of things I’ve noticed, things that bug me, things that . . .  Well, here, you read it and tell me what you think.

  • He gave me my first-ever speeding ticket, the rat.
  • He doesn’t listen to extenuating circumstances.
  • His face is as starched as his brown and tan uniform.
  • He’s boorish (don’t you love that word? It brings such a natural sneer to your upper lip when you say it right. Boorish.)
  • He’s a condescending clod. He actually called me a “little bitty red-haired thing.”
  • He lied to Ruth Wood about why he came out to the cottage that first night.
  • He doesn’t believe I caught a burglar and, even if he did believe me, he blames me for the burglar getting away.
  • Except for the ghost (How? How did I end up haunted?), he seems to be the only one who cares about what happened to Emmett Cobb.
  • Cole is short for Coleridge. Coleridge Blake Dunbar. What a name, poor sap. I call him Clod (but not to his face. That is a gun on his hip.)
  • He called Granny “Crazy Ivy.” For that I will never forgive him.
Please don’t say you think the two of us will end up together. I might have a knack for always choosing the wrong guy, but the wrongness of this guy is obvious from a hundred miles away. Opposites attract? Unh-unh. No. Nope. Not going to happen. My life is changing and strange things are happening, but that doesn’t mean my opinion of Deputy Clod Dunbar will change. He is an insufferable, insulting clod.

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  1. Looking forward to more list from you. I think there's a little attraction towards the Clod.

  2. Welcome! Love the "Clod"! What is it about a man in uniform?

  3. I have a knack for choosing the wrong guy, also. Maybe it's good that you have doubts about him?

  4. I've been known to be attracted to a man in uniform myself. Kath, Kath, Kath . . . you certainly have given a lot of thought to this Clod to whom you are not attracted! I suspect you like him more than you want to let on.

    ~ Krista

  5. Thanks, Amy! I understand you have an inborn aversion to prunes. I can tell you that no prunes appear in Last Wool and Testament, so you don't need to be afraid.

  6. Yes, boor is a good word. So is clod. There are so many good four-letter words you could use to describe this guy. Best of luck with him, Kath!

  7. You're right, Dorothy. Fool is another good one and I need to make sure I don't fall into that category myself. Thanks for the good wishes.