Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's All About the Apples!

A New York Times bestseller!
by Briona Stewart, from Sheila Connolly's Orchard Mysteries

Come on, it's Bree--nobody but family ever calls me Briona.

You know, I really like my job.  I've been working for Meg Corey for over a year now, and I'm proud of what we've done.  She took a real chance on me, hiring me right out of school, but I kinda took a chance on her too, because she knew like nothing about running an orchard.  At least I knew that I knew more than she did, if you know what I mean.

She's learned a heck of a lot in that year.  Of course, she still needs me, but we work together pretty well.  She'll even let me tell her what to do—most of the time.  Between us we managed to plant a thousand trees this year, and believe me, that's not easy, even if the trees are only three-foot sticks with some roots.  Give 'em a couple of years, though, and they'll be producing apples.

The only problem is, Meg keeps getting distracted.  The first distraction is Seth Chapin.  Not that I don't like Seth—he's a great guy, really.  But they can't seem to figure out what they want.  Are they together?  Or not?  Not that I can say much, because Michael and I have been together, sort of, for a while now, but we like things the way they are and we aren't exactly planning ahead, you know?  Meg and Seth?  Clueless.  Hey, guys—work it out so we can move on, will you?

And then there are the murders.  I mean, seriously, people keep ending up dead around here, and for some reason I don't understand, Meg seems to think she has to do something about them. Okay, it's a shame they're dead and all, and I don't really care if she wants to help, I guess.  But she needs to focus!  Running an orchard is hard work!  She can't go wandering off looking for killers all the time—she needs to spend her time in the orchard. Or at least wait until winter to solve crimes.

And then there was this politics thing.  Thank goodness she didn't let her friend Lauren suck her into that, because elections happen at the worst possible time of year for an apple grower, right smack in the middle of the harvest season.  We've got plenty to worry about without throwing a candidate into the mix.

I'm hoping we get a really good harvest this year, because there are some things that would make our lives a whole lot easier—like a drip irrigation system for the orchard.  Or maybe a second bathroom in the house—having only one is getting old fast.  Keep your fingers crossed for our apples—and no murders for a while!


  1. You've done wonders with that orchard, Bree!

  2. Meg, is lucky to have you, Bree. I know what you mean about bathrooms. I only have one and a half and they still have that old pink and black tile in them! I'll renovate them one of these days -- I hope.

    ~ Sophie

  3. It was such a bad year for apples around my home town... too early a warm spurt followed by a hard frost. Local apple stand are having to buy apples to sell!!

  4. Bree, Meg appreciates all the work you've done.