Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oooh La La

This nightgown belonged to my grandmother and so did the mannequin
by Emma Taylor
from the Sweet Nothings Vintage Lingerie Series by Meg London
Murder Unmentionable coming from Berkley on September 4!


Emma ate the last bite of her cupcake and sighed with satisfaction.  They were from Sprinkles, of course.  Bitsy made the best cupcakes, and Emma was particularly fond of her red velvet ones. 
                Arabella put down her tea cup and pointed at the beautifully wrapped box on the table.  “Aren’t you going to open your present?”
                Emma licked her fingers and pulled the box toward her.  She loved birthdays, and she especially loved presents from Aunt Arabella.  It was always something special—like her first pair of earrings, or her first bottle of real perfume straight from France.  She shook the box gently, and the contents swished back and forth.
                Arabella laughed.  “Go ahead and open it.”  A frown crossed her face briefly.  “I do hope you like it.”
                The paper slipped off easily, and Emma pushed it aside and lifted the lid on the white box.  Something was nestled deep within layers of pink tissue paper.  Emma grasped the garment and pulled it out.
                It was an exquisite 1940s peach satin negligee, cut on the bias, and decorated with Alencon lace at the v-neck.
                Emma was speechless.  “It’s just beautiful,” she breathed.
                Arabella sat back with a smug smile of satisfaction.

Coming September 4!
                Later, after all the birthday things had been cleared away, and Arabella had taken off in her MINI, Emma got the nightgown out of the box and carefully slipped it over her head.  The satin was cool against her skin.  She pulled it down and the bias-cut skirt swirled around her legs.  The soft peach color made her skin glow, and the drape of the garment accentuated her curves in all the right places.  She’d never felt so feminine or beautiful in her life.
                She took it off and carefully rewrapped the gown in the pink tissue and put it back in the box.  She would keep it for later…for someday.  A day she hoped would include wedding bells and a young man named Brian.


  1. Those 1940s designs are amazing! I may try copying some of them...

  2. How lovely! Your grandmother certainly had good taste.

    ~ Krista

  3. Sure wish that style would come back. I even like the shoes and hats from that time period.
    Ah well gotta deal with what's here now. Can't seem to find much to my liking. How about you??

  4. My daughter came home from college for the day and tried the nightgown on. It fit perfectly! I told her to take it back with her and enjoy it. I wore it when I was her age and loved it. She understands the good things in life!