Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The dog days...uh, cat perhaps...of summer!

By Lizzie Turner from A Killer Read,
an Ashton Corners Book Club mystery.

Yikes!  I have only a week and a half of summer holidays left. Where did the summer go, I ask you? Sure, it’s been hotter than normal, so we really know it’s been summer. That’s a good thing if you like it hot but it’s sure played havoc with our local farmers. It breaks my heart o hear about the crop failures and that some are even contemplating giving up farming. I try to show my support by shopping at the outdoor farmer’s market set up in Glendale Park each Saturday morning. I also to it for myself – nothing beats the flavor of fresh tomatoes, corn and my favorite, sugar snap peas.

But I digress. One week to go and I haven’t even left town. I usually try to get away for a couple of weeks – someplace really special. I’ve been to London and Paris – I just love the beauty of the centuries old buildings. I’ve even tried a week on the breathtaking coast at Monterrey. But somehow, this year’s planning just slipped by. I think I’ve had too much of a certain police chief on my mind. Since Mark Dreyfus and I started dating awhile back, I must admit to developing a bit of tunnel vision.

Mark and I have managed to get away for the odd weekend – which I’ve loved. But since I’ve just finished getting all my prep work done for the new school term, I’m in need of a real holiday. One week away. But where?

Since I’ve left it so late, it needs to be on this side of the ocean and country. I’m not a beach bunny but I do love the ocean; I also like small scenic villages with lots of cultural events; also, hiking around the countryside.

 Can y’all give me any suggestions? What’s your idea of the best summer holiday?

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  1. A good scrounge around every vintage market and dealer I can find!! THAT'S a great vacation!

  2. Come to my hometown, Charleston SC. We have history, gardens, and great eating! Or if you want to get away, Callaway Gardens in GA will help you relax. Have a great vacation. I have a feeling you're going to need it!

  3. A week at the lake with my kids and grandkids gets me going. I just got back from doing that. My all time favorite vacation spot has got to be Kauai. It's like being in the Garden of Eden.

  4. That's tough, Lizzie. I have the same problem. A quaint town on the beach would be nice.

    ~ Sophie

  5. What terrific ideas...thanks, everyone. Sophie...if I find the ideal location, I'll give you a call. Maybe we can slip away from our authors for a break.

  6. I love San Francisco this time of year.