Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome to the Renaissance Faire!

Welcome to the Renaissance Faire
By Queen Olivia
Treacherous Toys
By Joyce and Jim Lavene

Hello, my royal subjects and welcome to the start of the Renaissance Faire! My what a lovely day! We hope you have had good fortune and shall enjoy all that the Faire has to offer.

I am Queen Olivia, Queen of all we survey here this morning, Monarch of these lands and Sovereign Ruler of Renaissance Faire Village and Marketplace. That is my castle yon, above Mirror Lake.

Huzzah! Huzzah! Yes, that's right. It's all very exciting, isn't it?

Pardon me, Loyal Subjects, but our royal back is aching, being in the last month of confinement for the birth of our first child. King Harold and I are quite pleased to announce the birth of our prince.

Though where that scallywag is at this moment is beyond me! The King should be here by my side, as is custom. No doubt he has been detained by one of our subjects. A pretty fairy, no doubt, who has not the disadvantage of my girth.

We would ban those fairies from our royal kingdom, if it were possible! Or at least put some clothes on them. Their garments are too flimsy for our taste!

And there is Lady Jessie Morton! She is apprenticing with the toymaker this season. We are always pleased to see her smiling face - especially when it is paired with that of our royal Bailiff, Chase Manhattan, who was once our favored knight in the joust.

What's that, Lady Jessie?

The toymaker, Father Christmas, is dead?

This cannot be! I forbid it! Everything must run smoothly in the Village. Don't we have enough problems right now just attempting to walk amongst our subjects?

Oh dear.

As I was saying, my dear subjects, make yourself merry and enjoy thy time in the Village. Steer clear of the toymaker's shop as the local constabulary will be there investigating today.

Ah yes. And Frenchy's Fudge is having two for one all day. Also, the elephant ride is not available until the elephant trainer may find the beast.


Treacherous Toys
September 4th
from Berkley Prime Crime


  1. Maybe those fairies would like to have their costumes embroidered...

  2. Oh dear... a dead toymaker? That's... wait... he wasn't wearing an elf comnsutme, was he? I hope not!

  3. We are quite against anything that helps the fairies look more attractive, Willow. We appreciate the offer.

  4. Lady Victoria, the dead toymaker was the master, Father Christmas. It is quite a shame. I knew him when - but that is another story.

  5. I *have* to come to this Village. A missing elephant? Surely they're not easy to hide! And a dead toymaker? Why do I suspect one of the scantily clothed fairies?

    ~ Krista

  6. Lady Krista. One can only appreciate the intricacies of Village life by participating - or reading a Renaissance Faire Village Mystery. Good fortune to you!