Sunday, September 2, 2012

Best Friends Forever

Troyer Farm, Appleseed Creek, Ohio
By Tanisha Green from Amanda Flower's A Plain Death

Chloe Humphrey is my best friend—no, scratch that, she’s my sister. When her dad took off with Chloe’s evil stepmother—trust me she earned the title—for California when Chloe and I were fifteen, Chloe came to live with my family. Chloe was hurt, and even though I was so angry at her dad I could spit, I was happy too. Living in the same house with my BFF was a dream come true. Chloe and I lived together through high school and even shared an apartment through college and grad school. We were two peas in a pod. However, when the real world came knocking and we had to find real jobs, we found them in different parts of the world. Our physical separation was bound to happen someday, but I can assure you we are as close as ever. Thank you to whoever invented Skype.

I’m here in Milan, Italy teaching English as a Second Language, and she is in—wait for it—the middle of Amish Country working as a computer geek at a teeny-tiny college. Okay, okay, her job title is not computer geek, but I don’t understand ninety percent of what she’s talking about when she in the middle of an IT rant. Servers, motherboards, networks. Huh? I just want to know my computer works; I don’t have to understand how it works. Chloe wants to know the how. She’s happiest when talking about RAM and gigabytes. She even named her cat Gigabyte. But I know she’s not as happy as she could be. All I want for my friend is the true happiness of unconditional love, something she could never get from her father. Don’t get me started on him.

I told Chloe when she went to Amish Country she was going to meet a buggy boy who would catch her eye, and was I right or what? She met Timothy Troyer, a guy who left the Amish and the older brother of her roommate Becky. I demanded she email me a photo of him. When I saw it I had to fan myself, he is so adorable. Bright blue eyes. White blond hair. Strong build of a man who can craft something with his bare hands. Swoon.

Now, if Chloe would just stop finding dead bodies and pay more attention to Timothy, I think she will get that happily ever after she deserves.

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  1. I think finding the dead bodies will bring Chloe and Timothy closer together.

  2. When are you coming back to visit Chloe? Or better yet, coming back to stay?

  3. Tanisha, I'm with Willow. You seem to really care about Chloe. Maybe she needs your help to get her on track? Though she sounds like a pretty savvy young woman. BTW, if you're ever back in the Holmes County area, please stop by my Cheese Shop - Fromagerie Bessette. I offer free tastings and welcome opinions.

    All my best,

    Charlotte Bessette
    PS I'm jealous you're in Italy. Yummy territory!

  4. Milan must be fabulous! Maybe Chloe and Timothy should pay you a visit. I'm worried, though. Is Timothy's family in that area? Is she worried that he might decide to return to the Amish?

    ~ Sophie

  5. Dru, you might be right about that. Hmmm...

    Willow, shhhh but I have plans to surprise Chloe and just show up one day.

    Charlotte, A cheese shop! Tell me more! I love cheese... food in general. I will definitely check out your shop and will tell Chloe to take Timothy there for a visit.

    Sophie, I like how you think about Chloe and Timothy coming here! And I do think Chloe worries about that lot...maybe that's why she's a little uncertain even though it's obvious to anyone Timothy is smitten.

  6. Hello. fantastic job. I did not imagine this. This is a fantastic story. Thanks!