Monday, November 5, 2012


By Pepper Martin, PI to the dead, and star of the Pepper Martin mystery series by Casey Daniels
I’ve been itching to tell this story. Finally, with yesterday’s publication of "Supernatural Born Killers," I have the chance!

See, Casey likes me to keep my adventures under wraps. At least until it’s time for a new book to come out. But now that SBK is on bookstore shelves . . .

Let me tell you, folks, this was not an easy case to solve. It all started when I took a promotion to the job of community relations director at the cemetery where I work. (FYI, I’m using the word work liberally since most of my time isn’t devoted to the cemetery, but to the ghosts who hang out there.)

Anyway, these puddles started showing up in my office, and then the ghost appeared who belonged to them. It didn’t take a detective to figure out that since his hands were tied, his mouth was covered with duct tape and there were cinder blocks tied to his feet, this guy had been murdered. But I still had plenty of questions. After all, it’s hard to find out answers when a ghost can’t talk!

As if that wasn’t trouble enough, my on-again, off-again boyfriend Quinn is back, and he still won’t talk about the day he got shot and the few minutes he was dead and came to visit me as a ghost. Maybe if the guy would open up and admit that I can talk to the dead, we might be able to get our relationship off dead ( pun intended) center.

And then there’s Superman . . .

There was a big comic book convention in town, see, and a billionaire who’s got this Superman fixation, and then there are my parents, of course, and really, does a girl expect to have her dad show up at her front door when the last she saw him was through the Plexiglass wall of a prison visiting room?

It’s enough to exhaust me so I’m glad I don’t have time for too much detail. I’m off to sip a martini. Enjoy!


  1. Finally, we can read more about that wedding dress!

  2. Congratulations Pepper! you deserve a cocktail...I may have a margarita while I settle in to read your story:)

  3. heehee! Quinn! Superman! can't wait :)

  4. That poor ghost! I hope you can help him. What a terrible death.

    ~ Krista

  5. he a poor ghost? Or does he have motives of his own????

  6. As if solving a murder for a ghost isn't enough, your parents? Better be careful, parents sometimes have a way of bringing "ghosts from the past" with them. Great blog, Pepper! I can't wait to bury myself in the book.

  7. Wow, I love that cover! I haven't started this series yet but I really should soon since I have the first book somewhere on my self :)