Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pop Quiz on Key West by Lucy Burdette

by Hayley Snow, star of the Key West food critic mysteries by Lucy Burdette

Hi Gang, Hayley Snow here again. Again. Just like Pepper yesterday, my writer told me she was too busy getting DEATH IN FOUR COURSES launched this week and couldn't I dash something off! She suggested a recipe (but hasn't that been done to death?) or maybe have my mom back to chat about our adventures in this book (a girl has to have some standards!) 

Besides, we've both been working like crazy on the third book in this series: It's called TOPPED CHEF and let me say I'm exhausted from the reality TV show she's got me involved in. Anyway, that will be out in May.

We both agreed you might enjoy taking our little pop quiz about Key West.

So many people have asked us “why set a mystery series in Key West?” that we thought it would be fun to have a pop quiz about the island. The answers are listed at the bottom, but no cheating–don’t look until you’ve answered! And then tell us how many you got right–Good luck!

1.  The local residents on Key West are called:

a. Islanders 
b. Parrotheads  
c. Corals 
d.  Conchs

2. What’s the name of the major east-west thoroughfare, known for its shops and bars?

a.  Duval St.
b.  Whitehead St.
c.  Simonton St.
d.  Hemingway Blvd.

3. How many miles from Cuba is Key West?
a.  500
b.  30
c.  90
d.  200

4. Name a famous current or former writer who calls/called Key West home:

a. Ernest Hemingway
b. Judy Blume
c. Meg Cabot
d.  Annie Dillard
e. Tennessee Williams
f.  all of the above

5.  What’s the biggest holiday celebration on the island?

a.  New Year’s Eve when a red high heeled shoe drops from the top of Bourbon Street Pub and a conch shell slides down the top of Sloppy Joe’s bar
b. Fantasyfest, a nine-day adult Halloween celebration culminating in coronation of a king and queen at the Royal Coronation Ball
c. The Conch Republic Independence Celebration commemorating the city’s attempt to secede from the United Staes on April 23, 1982  in response to US Border Patrol roadblocks
d. the nightly Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square

6. A dog up for adoption at the pound in Key West might be assessed for:

a. his reaction to iguanas
b.  his relationship to roosters
c. a fondness for polydactyl cats
d. willingness to wear a costume in the Fantasy Fest parade
e.  all of the above

7.  If you were going to poison someone in a murder mystery set in Key West, you might use:

a.  conch chowder
b.  key lime pie
c.  margarita
d. conch fritters

Answers:  1. d–Conchs!  2.  a–Duval Street of course!  3. c–90 miles to Cuba!  4. f–all of the above–the island is crawling with artists and writers! 5. trick question–how could you possibly choose? 6.  e–only in Key West! 7. don't you know any of those would work, but we went with the key lime pie

Lucy Burdette is the author of the Key West food critic mysteries--DEATH IN FOUR COURSES is out this week! Please "like" her on facebook, or follow her on "twitter" or visit her website for all the dope!


  1. Such a fun quiz and what a great lure for visitors to Key West. I'd love to be one of them!

  2. Thanks Willow!

    Lizzie, it's such a cool place. You can see why I didn't want to leave even after the romance went sour? xo Hayley Snow

  3. What a fun post! And a fun place! I admit I was stumped by #6.

    ~ Krista