Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boo, Boo Hoo, or Boo Who?

Have you or anyone you know ever encountered a ghost? What did you do?

Trick or treat! Erin Murphy here, from The Food Lovers Village Mysteries by Leslie Budewitz. I’ll confess, I’ve never heard of a ghost in Jewel Bay–not yet, at least. Much as small town peeps like to talk, there are some things they don’t admit. But one town over, there’s this grand old mansion–fab place built by the railroad tycoon Charles Conrad. He and his wife Alicia both died in the mansion–he in 1902 and she in 1923, in the same bed--and people say they haunt it still. Visitors claim they get the chills, hear footsteps, and feel a hand on their shoulder. Others swear they’ve seen a man with a mustache who must be the old man himself.  In fact, the Montana Paranormal Society’s been called in to investigate many times. I don’t know what they found–I’m in exile out here in Seattle and haven’t taken the tour.   But if I ever move back, I’ll be there. Bet my red boots on it.

My name is Chuck Sparks and I AM a ghost from Joyce and Jim Lavene's December release, A Haunting Dream. This book is the fourth in the Missing Pieces Mysteries set in Duck, North Carolina. I'm desperately trying to get through to Mayor Dae O'Donnell. I need her to find my missing daughter. I think Dae is ignoring me because I tried to swindle some old lady out of her house last year. But I've changed now and I'm not asking for myself. I'll keep trying until Dae finds my daughter, no matter what the consequences.

I'm Amanda Lee from the Embroidery Mystery series by Gayle Trent. I don't think I've ever seen a ghost, but I've experienced some things that I can't explain. But, then, haven't we all? Please come on over to my blog (click on the link above) and trick-or-treat with me today!

I'm Sunny from the Fortune Teller Mystery series by Kari Lee Townsend. I'm psychic, even though Detective Grumpy Pants is in denial. Sometimes when I do a reading for someone, spirits will try to interfere. Trust me when I say it can be scary. Then again, I live with a cat named Morty and no one, not even me, knows exactly what he is.
I'm Charlotte from A Cheese Shop Mysteries in Providence, Ohio, by Avery Aames. It's Halloween season in Providence, and I promise there are some spooky things going on. There's an old abandoned winery where they say some pirates died, and an old antique museum where I've seen a lady wandering around in white gauzy clothes. Others haven't seen her. I hope I'm not crazy. And my parents died when I was young. I visit their graves and definitely feel their presence.  But I have to admit I'd be spooked right out of my cheese shop if I actually saw or heard anything. I like to keep my feet on the ground...except when I'm searching for clues, of course. I think I'll stick to carving pumpkins and maybe making a pumpkin cream cheese cake.

I'm Rita from the Piece of Cake Mysteries by Jacklyn Brady. As you might imagine, living in New Orleans puts me right in the middle of all kinds of ghostly activity. In fact, New Orleans is considered by many to be the most haunted city in America. So even though I haven't actually run into a ghost yet, I'll be totally surprised if I don't meet up with one in the future. What will I do when that happens? I guess that will depend on who the ghost is and what it wants!

I'm Willow from the Threadville Mystery series by Janet Bolin. I've never seen a ghost, but some of the things that have happened in Threadville haunt me. And my dogs sometimes sense things that I can't. Or won't.

I'm Kath from the Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries by Molly MacRae and the "haunted" in that about says it all. Ghosts exist!? Who knew? It doesn't help that no one else sees or hears my particular ghost. Or maybe that does help. Hard to say. Anyway, here are some ghosts everyone can see - and make. Take Nutter Butter cookies, dip one side in white chocolate, pop on a couple of mini chocolate chips for eyes and another for a mouth and BOO! You've got ghost cookies.

I'm Jaymie Leighton from the Vintage Kitchen Mystery Series by Victoria Hamilton. I live in a beautiful old yellow brick home right near the historic heart of Queenville, Michigan. I don't believe in ghosts, but my Grandma Leighton swears that no less than Sir John A. MacDonald, Canada's first Prime Minister, stayed overnight in our house, had breakfast with then President Andrew Johnson, and that they had a heated debate about border problems between Canada and Michigan, leading to Sir John haunting our house. I've never seen him but sometimes Denver, my crabby tabby, stares at a spot right over my head, and it freaks me out. Is he seeing Sir John? If he does he's not talking!

Happy Halloween from Duffy Brown. My house is haunted as all get-out. My kids won't stay here by themselves and more than once I've head kitchen cabinets slamming. Either Dr. Watson and Spooky have finally learned how to cook...Lord knows I've tried to teach them...or there's something reeeeeally strange going on in this house! Halloween night seems to be particularly active around here. The best way to get though it is martinis on the porch...just like Reagan and Auntie KiKi do in Iced Chiffon.

I'm Casey Calhoun from the White House Gardener Mysteries by Dorothy St. James. I'm originally from Charleston, SC--a city where ghosts lurk on pretty much every corner--so you'd better believe me when I say I believe in ghosts. Now that I'm working in Washington D.C., I keep expecting to see a past and long-gone president wandering the halls of the White House, but it hasn't happened...yet!

Lizzie Turner here, from the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries by Erika Chase. I've never seen a ghost buy my dear friend Molly Mathews swears that for a couple of weeks after her beloved husband Claydon passed, he was still there in their mansion with her. She saw him. She talked to him and he told her everything would be all right. Then he was gone. I think it was grief that kept him in her heart and her house. She says he was there when she needed him, like always. I don't believe in ghosts but that's the kind I'd like to think are around.

Charlie Harris, from the Cat in the Stacks series by Miranda James, reporting here. I live in a house that's been in my family for well over a century. Is it haunted? I'm not entirely certain, but Diesel, my big Maine Coon Cat, has never behaved like he's seen or sensed something that I can't see. Aren't animals supposed to be more sensitive to the paranormal than humans in general? But I have to say that there are times when I'm in the kitchen, my favorite room in the house, when I feel very strongly that my late Aunt Dottie is there with me. An extra warmth, a feeling of happiness, a sense of belonging -- hard to describe in some ways, but I just feel her there. If she's "haunting" me, then I'm surely glad she is.

 This is Dorothy Parker, from the Algonquin Round Table Mysteries, chiming in. The only ghosts I'm haunted by are the lovers who've drifted in and out of my life, and the only spirits I've encountered came in a liquor bottle... No, strike that. I did come close to a real ghost once, as recounted in You Might As Well Die. Or was it a real ghost? I was with Harry Houdini--yes, that Harry Houdini--at a seance on Halloween night. We thought we were debunking a phony psychic, but then we heard a ghostly voice, and all manner of bunk broke loose...I woke up the next morning with bloodshot eyes, and for once it wasn't from spirits that came out of a bottle. From now on, I'm staying in on Halloween night!

Do you believe in ghosts?  Unfortunately, I have no choice.  I'm Pepper Martin (newest book, "Supernatural Born Killers") and I have to believe in ghosts since I solve mysteries for the ghosts in the cemetery where I work.  Just found out that my creator, Casey Daniels, believes in ghosts, too.  As a matter of fact, she once did a paranormal investigation in an old city cemetery and got some remarkable pictures.  Ghosts?  I dunno.  What do you think?

I'm Meg Corey, and I may have a ghost in my house.  It's a 1760 Colonial in Massachusetts, so it's been around a long time, and a lot of people have lived--and died--in it, I guess.  Most of them from the same family. I'm usually pretty level-headed, but when I first moved in, it was the dead of winter (sorry for the pun), and the furnace wasn't working very well and I got the flu, and I ended up talking to a woman in my kitchen who wasn't really there.  I think.  I haven't seen her since, but I seem to remember helping her solve something that had been bothering her for, oh, two hundred years or so.

You can meet ghost Deborah in Sheila Connolly's story Called Home and decide for yourself whether she's real.

I'm Jordan from the Clueless Cook Mysteries. I convinced my friend Lola to stage a fake seance to convince my new friend that the lake house she inherited from her grandfather wasn't haunted. The trouble was--even though I was blowing the candle to make it look real, Lola could have won an academy award for her performance, and before the night was over, we were convinced not only were there ghosts in the house, but they were running after us. There aren't really ghosts, Are there?

I'm Chloe Humphrey from The Appleseed Creek Mysteries. If you ask the Amish that live near me, they would definitely say there's no such thing as ghosts. However, it's easy for a city girl like me to get the spooks out here in the middle of Ohio's Amish Country. The stillness and quiet definitely has an eerie quality to it.

I'm Emma Taylor from Murder Unmentionable (Sweet Nothings Lingerie Series) and I DO believe in ghosts! There's this room in my Aunt Arabella's old house--it's up on the third floor, and she doesn't use it for much--just an extra bed in case the rest of the house is full for some reason.  The closet is stuffed with a bunch of old things no one needs anymore.  Anyhow, if you go into that room, you will notice that it's a good ten degrees colder than any of the other rooms in the house.  One day Arabella hired Billie May from down the street to help her get rid of some of the old junk and all of a suddden Billie May comes flying down the steps, out of the house and halfway down the street before we can catch up with her. Mind, it was a hot July day and up there on the third floor it
was like an oven.  Billie May says all of a sudden an icy cold breeze went blowing through that room making all her hair stand on end.  She was certain it was a ghost, and I believed her!


  1. Wow! What a great Halloween post.

  2. That is a great Halloween post, enjoyed it thoroughly. Nice way to meet characters of many books.

  3. If I had a nickel for every ghost in this post...Well, I still wouldn't have enough to pay my rent. Happy Halloween, all you little ghouls!

  4. Sophie Winston, what about you? And what about Aunt Faye? (My mother Fresca loves your books -- she feeds them to me when she's done. I can hardly wait to share the other books mentioned here with her!)