Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Colors to Die For

by Kath Rutledge from Last Wool and Testament, 
the first in the Haunted Yarn Shop mystery series
by Molly MacRae

 Can you believe it’s almost the end of October? Granny warned me about this. “Hold onto your hat,” she said. “The years go faster every time you turn around and you might as well face front and enjoy the ride.” Granny was a realist in rose-colored glasses. I really didn’t expect to still be here in Blue Plum this fall, but I think Granny would be proud of the way I’m handling things.

“Things.” Isn’t that a useful euphemism? It covers the gamut – from “Did you know we need to hire someone to clean those gutters up there, unless you plan to climb a three-story ladder and do it yourself?” to “What did I do to deserve being haunted – by any ghost at all, but by this depressed creature in particular?” With a smile on my face, though, and a mantra of “focus, focus, focus” (which is threatening to give me a headache,) “things” seem to be going well enough. 
photo credit: Liesel Orend
And fall in northeastern Tennessee is gorgeous. I can see why Granny loved it and why we’re getting all these bus tours of seniors rolling into town. Sure, New England is known for its blazing maples, but if you want a rich and deeply satisfying leaf-peeping experience, come to the Blue Ridge.  

Blue Plum, Tennessee
What’s it like? Think of all the scrumptious, earthy,  muted colors of naturally dyed wool we have for sale in the Weaver’s Cat, throw in a few of those blazing reds, golds, and oranges for highlights, and you’ve got an autumnal color palette to die for. Although, considering the kinds of stories our author is writing, maybe “to die for” is the wrong thing to say.

Squirrel scoundrel
Well, anyway, I hardly know where the summer went. I do know where the tomatoes went, though. That’s another “thing” I need to think about. I wonder if anyone makes squirrel-proof tomato cages? 

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  1. Love this post, Autumn is my favorite . And as a knitter I want to take all the fall colors and make a fabulous yarn out of them. Love ths book cant wait for the next one!

  2. Isn't that color wheel of natural colors scrumptious, Shelley? Thanks for you kind words.

  3. Scrumptious, indeed. So much yarn, so little time!

  4. You're right, Opal. Between settling into my new life in Blue Plum, learning the ropes (threads?) of running the Weaver's Cat, and learning to live with a ghost, when will I have time to knit? Although, really, knitting should be part of my work day, don't you think? Hey, thanks for stopping by, Opal. You've solved a problem for me!

  5. Love autumn... and I don't mind muted colors... my favorites are taupe and sage green!

  6. Nice, Victoria! Granny loved all shades of blue, but especially all shades of indigo.