Monday, October 1, 2012

New Releases: October!

Iced Chiffon
At the consignment shop, it’s murder and mayhem for the ex, his Cupcake, the badass attorney.

For more information or for links to buy a copy of the book, visit Duffy Brown's website.

Once She Knew

From New York Times bestselling mystery author Sheila Connolly comes a brand-new book that blends her skillful mystery talents with a touch of romantic suspense. There’s no doubt this book will appeal both to her current mystery audience as well as those readers who love authors like Lisa Gardner or Karen Rose.

Claire Hastings, professor at a prestigious women’s college, has retreated to an isolated cabin in Maine in midwinter to work on the book that will guarantee her tenure, but she’s having trouble finishing it. Then disgraced journalist Jonathan Daulton stumbles into her cabin late one night, soaking wet and bleeding from what seems to be a gunshot wound. She recognizes him from a romantic encounter at a conference years earlier, one she’s been trying desperately to forget. Much to her relief, and embarrassment, he doesn’t appear to remember her. 

When Claire learns that Jonathan is suspected of killing an FBI agent, she urges him to turn himself in immediately, but Jonathan has other ideas, all of which involve her. As he points out, if the FBI finds that she has been harboring a fugitive, she can forget about that peace and quiet she wanted. Then he shocks Claire by faking her kidnapping.

Entangled in whatever Jonathan’s mysterious troubles are, Claire finds herself on a frantic odyssey from Maine to New York City, figuring that the only way to clear her name is to clear Jonathan’s. As Jonathan gradually reveals that his real goal is to stop what he believes is a terrorist plan to assassinate the First Lady at a United Nations event, Claire knows she’s in over her head.

For more information or for links to buy a copy, visit Sheila Connolly's website.


  1. Yay -- looking forward to reading them both!

  2. Congratulations on the new releases! Rubbing my hands together with glee as I look forward to getting some new books to read.