Sunday, October 7, 2012


 By Sally-Jo Baker, from A Killer Read, an Ashton
 Corners Book Club Mystery

Okay, she’s gone and done it again! Our author has run off to a mystery conference and left us here to cover her … behind. So, we drew cheese straws and I’m the one doing the blog today.

I know that Bouchercon is a big deal, and it gives her a good opportunity to talk about all of us here in the Ashton Corners Book Club, but really…. Who is the writer around here anyway? Her panel was “Murder in Small Town USA” and it happened on Friday morning so you’d think she’d have plenty of time to write the blog after that. Or before, even.

I bet she spent the rest of the weekend schmoozing with her Killer Character buddies…all those authors who should be spending time with their characters, too. I think she’s planning to stay planted in front of her computer for many months to come, once she gets back. Things like deadlines coming up. And, we’re awfully anxious to know what’s in store for us in the next book!

But I see (not really trying to be too nosy, you know) that she’s got another conference next March – something called Left Coast Crime and it’s in Colorado Springs. I wonder if I could talk her into taking me along. I haven’t gotten out much lately. Only some dates with Jacob Smith, he’s cuddly like a teddy bear even if he is a hard-nosed lawyer. And then, when we’re chasing down a murderer. Seems we’ve been doing a lot of that lately. But that’s our author for you. Not one to be put off by a little murder and mayhem.

Are you one of those who goes waltzing off to mystery conferences, too? Have you met our author, Erika at one of them? (please tell her to come home – we need to get to work!)

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  1. And writers like to say they work a lot! Sounds like they're always off partying. Oh,right, we characters like to party too, don't we...

  2. Love it! such a shame they leave the stars of the stories at home.