Friday, October 26, 2012

Q&A with Miss Emma Taylor from the Sweet Nothings Lingerie Series

By Emma Taylor
From Murder Unmentionable by Meg London
Sweet Nothings Lingerie Series

What is your favorite color?

Pink!  I’m a girl after all.  Of course I wore black all those years that I spent in NYC, but now that I’m back home in Paris, Tennessee, I’ve treated myself to all sorts of pretty things like flowered sun dresses and capris in soft pastels.

What’s your favorite food?

Oh, that’s easy!  My Aunt Arabella’s fried chicken, of course.  She puts this real special ingredient in it that makes it absolutely amazing.  Course I can’t tell you what it is although I do mention it in Murder Unmentionable if you’re so inclined.

What’s your sign?

Oh, please!  Are we back in the 70s?  I had to rip a bunch of pea green shag carpeting out of Aunt Arabella’s shop.  Pure vintage 70s!  But since you ask, I’m a Libra.  Charming, diplomatic, great hostess, and I can never make up my mind!

What do you order in a bar?

Well, I’m not much of a drinker so it’s likely to be a glass of red or white wine.  What I really love is a big, ‘ole pitcher of sweet tea.  Nothing satisfies your thirst quite like it!

Okay, how about men—dark hair or blonds?

Well, now you’re getting awfully personal!  Okay, I’ll admit it—I’m a sucker for a man with dark hair…especially if he has blue or green eyes. 

What do you like to read?

I love curling up with a good mystery!  But nothing too graphic or I won’t get to sleep.  My favorite authors are Krista Davis, Avery Aames, Janet Bolin and Laura Alden. 


I have to confess to a fondness for cheesy pop songs.  Pathetic, I know.  But I just don’t get this rap stuff.  Give me a nice love song, and I’m happy.

Anything else you want to share?

If y’all get a chance drop on by our shop, Sweet Nothings.  We have some of the most exquisite vintage lingerie you’ll find anywhere in the world!


  1. Oh, vintage lingerie?? Love stuff like that... it's like a hidden little secret... makes you feel good all day long!

  2. I know your all about it and would just love to stop by! Especially now that I know so much more about you. Maybe some day....

  3. You are a true southerner, Emma. Fried chicken, sweet tea, and pink! I'm with you all the way!

    ~ Sophie