Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Taking Care of Eloise

By Olga from Sharon Pape's Sketch a Falling Star

Hello, my name Olga. Excuse please my English. I am not long in this country and before I am coming here I already speak three languages. My head is full up with words and syntax. What I do is caretake folks, mostly who are old. For now I am living with Bowman family to caretake Mr. Bowman's mama Eloise. Is like caretaking two people. Most times she is happy, young girl in her head and we are enjoying some fun, but then comes serious, stubborn-as-moose Eloise. I am never knowing who to expect from minute of waking to time of bed. Stubborn-as-moose Eloise needs special watching. Always she is trying to sneak out and pay visit on neighbor Rory. I am thanking goodness that Rory is patient and kindly. I am also thanking goodness that her friend marshal Drummond is sometimes there. He is like old-fashioned gentleman and cowboy with smile that puts my heart pounding. Excuse please, I am not believing I say this. At fifty-two years is shameful to admit such things. The marshal is younger than my age, but is treating me nice and not making fun of my school girlish crush. Never before am I meeting such a man like him.                            

When stubborn-as-moose Eloise is running to Rory she is always having message for her. I am not knowing where these messages are coming from, because she is not going anywhere without me. But Rory acts like is important. She is good actress or I am missing something. So I ask Mr. and Mrs. Bowman if they are knowing how Eloise is getting messages to deliver, but they are being as blindfolded as me. Maybe if I am paying more attention I will understand the secret of it.

Oh no!  I am turning my head for a second and Eloise is gone. Excuse please. I am needing to run.  At least is not boring around this  place.



  1. Olga, I hope Eloise is fine and with Rory. Your English is charming.

  2. Eloise sounds like a handful! And never worry about syntax and such... the right kind of people will enjoy your wording, and the wrong type of people... well, we don't bother with them anyway! I took languages in school, but can barely remember a few nouns and verbs, much less grammar!

  3. Olga, good luck with the Bowmans. Sounds like you have your hands full!
    Daryl aka Avery

  4. I agree that your English is charming. I bet your accent is, too. Sounds like Eloise is lucky to have such a good caretaker.

    ~ Krista