Friday, October 12, 2012

What's Your Greatest Treasure?

by Chester Cantor
from Thread on Arrival by Amanda Lee

So, what is your greatest treasure? I've lived a good, long life, and I'll tell you, my family means more to me than anything. Didn't always, and I powerfully regret that now.

See, my son Adam was just a baby when I took off, leaving him and his mother. His mother married another man...a man who was harsh with Adam. It made Adam angry and, well, abusive. I was finally able to work my way back to him. It wasn't easy. He kept shutting me out. But who could blame him? Still, we finally made it back into his life. Today, I live with him, his wife, and their daughter, Melanie.

Ah, my Melanie. Now, she's a treasure, that one is. She sure is the apple of my eye.

I told you that Adam is abusive. He smacks me every now and then...Mary, his wife, too...but never Melanie. I wouldn't stand for that. He does say some terribly hateful things to her now and then. I know he doesn't mean them, and I try to tell her that, but she finds that hard to believe. Children don't understand that adults sometimes say things they don't mean. If he said it, then he meant it, to her way of thinking.

Adam and Mary fight a lot about money. I feel like if that obstacle was out of the way, they might not argue so much. Mary is ready to take Melanie and leave. She wants me to go with them. But I have another plan. You see, I have a map. It's a treasure map. My grandmother made it when she was young, and it leads to the treasure of the Delia, a ship that sank off the coast of Tallulah Falls, Oregon.

I'm going to find that treasure, and with the money that we make off it, we're going to leave. Adam will realize how much his family means to him, and he'll beg Mary and Melanie to come home. And then we're going to get Adam some help for that temper of his. He won't waste a large part of his life separated from his family like I did.

I'm sorry. I feel like I might've brought you down a tad with my depressing ramblings. So, tell me, other than your family and your health, what is your biggest, most frivolous treasure?


  1. That's hard. I think it might be my house. Maybe houses are special to domestic diva types. They're not just buildings to us -- they're home. In a way it's frivolous because it's far bigger than I really need. And it was built in the 1800s so there's a lot of upkeep. Not to mention that the previous owner, my ex-husband's aunt, um, well, some people think she haunts it. But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

    ~ Sophie

  2. Other than family? I'd say peace... and Chester, my friend, money can't buy peace. There is no way you should be waiting to make money to leave the situation you're in. The only way Adam is going to get help is if he knows he has to, and if he recognizes that he's the problem, and no one else.