Saturday, October 13, 2012

Who . . . me?

Who . . . me?
By Shakespeare the Great Dane
From Buried By Buttercups
A Peggy Lee Garden Mystery
By Joyce and Jim Lavene

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be me?

I can tell you - it's not as much fun as it seems.

Sure, my friend, Peggy Lee, was nice enough to rescue me. Yes, I get snacks a few times a day and good meals (vegetarian - that's Peggy).

I run in the backyard a lot chasing squirrels. HA! Love to scare those guys. I don't know what I'd do if I caught one by mistake.

Peggy takes me for walks and we play together too. Sliding across the wood floor in her old house in Charlotte, NC is one of my favorite games. I try to make it look like an accident, but it's really fun. The rest of the time, I'm running through the big, old house or laying in Peggy's bed. I bark when the phone rings and like to scare the postman when he delivers the mail through the slot in the door.

All of that is sweet, but what I really want to do is go with Peggy and solve crimes. I know about plants.

Hey! They grow outside, right? Some are good to eat. Some aren't. I could probably pick out a poisonous plant.

Buttercups are poisonous!

I could definitely help Peggy find those bad killers. I'm sure I could smell them close up and know who they are. We Great Danes have a really good sense of smell, you know. They couldn't hide from me. Peggy and I would be a great team!

Oh! Oh! There she is now! I'll bet I get one of those imitation chicken snacks this afternoon. I wonder if she has any more information about that man they found dead in the park yesterday. I wonder if she'll take me for a walk?

Peggy! I love you! Let me help you find out who's killing those people with those pesky poison plants! I can do this thing! I'm not JUST a party animal!

Buried By Buttercups
Peggy Lee, owner of The Potting Shed garden shop, is involved in another murder investigation.

After two years of being on the ‘outs’ with the Charlotte Police, new homicide Lieutenant Al McDonald, asks for her help. The choice of weapon for the killer is flower poison, starting with angel’s trumpet. No one knows botanical poisons as well as Peggy.

The investigation turns personal for her when she realizes the killer has used poison to draw her out. Two men with her dead husband’s name have already died.

Is the killer working toward getting rid of Peggy too?


  1. Oh boy, oh boy! I bet she takes you to the park where they found the dead guy! I'm jumping up and down at the thought. Can I come, too?

    I really don't get it. How come so many dogs stay home and lay around? You gotta be proactive. Sneak out the door. Take off running when they don't have a good hold on the leash.

    Here's a good trick. When they leave you at home, howl like you're really sad about it. When they've driven away, bark until you can't anymore. The neighbors will complain so much that Peggy will have to take you along.

    ~ Trixie

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Trixie. I owe you a liver biscuit!

  3. I am so happy to see a new book in this series.