Saturday, October 6, 2012

You Can Lead a Cat to Water by Lucy Burdette

Lucy Burdette (1985) with Jack the cat, model for Evinrude
A post written by Evinrude the cat, from Lucy Burdette's Key West food critic mysteries

You've probably heard it said that cats aren't flexible; that we don't travel well. I, Evinrude, handsome gray tiger, am here to say it all depends on how our people handle things. Take my person, Hayley Snow. First she pops off and moves us from New Jersey to Key West to live with some guy she hardly knows, who can't stand cats because of our litter boxes. Believe me, there were plenty of other places I was thinking of going by the time we left his inhospitable home--like in his polished oxfords or his basket of clean laundry.

Anyway, I digress. Anyone with four feet and a tail could have told you that relationship wasn't going to work out. So then she moved us to her friend Connie's houseboat. After I got over the shock of me, Evinrude, a cat from Jersey, living on the water, I've gotten to enjoy the lifestyle. There was a murder of course (AN APPETITE FOR MURDER), and as one fan so kindly pointed out, it would have been nice if Hayley had looked a little harder when I went missing.


But now all is forgiven and we're living on Miss Gloria's houseboat (DEATH IN FOUR COURSES) with her pesky little cat Sparky. Don't tell Hayley, but it's kind of fun to have someone to pal around with. The only thing I don't like about the whole Key West situation is how Hayley comes back from the sunset celebration all worked up about Dominque and his flying house cats. If she thinks I'm going to jump through flaming hoops for a little taste of sushi, let's just say she's meowing up the wrong tree.

How about you cats? Have your people put you through more than you should be expected to handle?

The Key West food critic mysteries featuring Evinrude the cat are available wherever books are sold. You can also follow Lucy on Twitter @lucyburdette, "like" her on Facebook, follow her on Pinterest, or read more at her website



  1. I live in Tell A Yarn, a yarn shop with evenings of storytelling. I spend my days chasing 3,000 hand-knit and hand-crocheted catnip mice. When all 3,000 have gone to hide underneath things, I sit on laps and bat at yarn. It's a hard job, but someone has to do it.

  2. Evin - I can call you Evin, right? - I find my human to be better at understanding Hoppy (an eight pound, three-legged Yorkie-Poo) than me. Why, I can't tell you. Cats have expression, but humans don't seem to get us. My human is very nice, but when she's got her mind on man-trouble (I hated her boyfriend, Joel, and if she had listened to me she could have avoided a lot of heartbreak) she is pre-occupied. Oh, she remembers to feed me, clean my litter box and petting, but where are the long evenings with me - just me - I ask you?

  3. I'm happy to say that Sophie sleeps with me every night on my bed with the big fluffy down comforter. It would be warm enough without her, but she's a pretty good snuggle puss and now that the weather's turning, I'm all for some extra closeness. The only peace I get is when she takes Daisy out for her walks. Thank goodness I have the house to myself a few times a day. I'm rather partial to Sophie's former mother-in-law, June. She's very calm and has a lovely cushy lap. She talks to the ghost in the kitchen, which gets her into trouble with the other humans -- I don't know why they can't see her like I can.

    Mostly my only worry is Natasha. I wish she'd just go home to her own place and stop pestering us. I usually clear out of the room when she barges in. She's likely to step on my tail.

    ~ Mochie

  4. Our Mom spoils us rotten, but we still whine to make her feel guilty. And we NEVER get her a Mother's Day card. That drives her up the wall. (Prudence & Basile)

  5. Oh you cats really get it! If only they realized how much we knew--we could run the world. A round of sushi to all! evin