Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nobody Ever Said This Job Would Be Easy

by Officer Audrey Dayton, from THREAD ON ARRIVAL by Amanda Lee

I'm one of the newest officers on the Tallulah Falls Sheriff's Department roster. I enjoy what I do. But, trust me, nobody ever said that being a police officer would be easy. Of course, if anyone ever had told me that, I'd have known they were lying. My dad retired from the police force in Washington state.

One of my most recent assignments has been providing security to a group of domestic abuse victims. Most of the women are in a shelter. Others are still living in dangerous situations, but we--Sheriff Manu Singh, his wife Reggie, and I--are trying to convince them to move to a safer location.

Even Marcy Singer, owner of that embroidery shop, The Seven-Year Stitch, is trying to help. Reggie recruited Marcy to teach the women to embroider, mainly because we've learned that the women will open up more if they're doing something with their hands and don't have to make eye contact while they talk. Also, Reggie thought it would improve their self-esteem if they could make something pretty...something they can be proud of. Marcy brought these beginner cross-stitch and needlepoint kits, and the women are doing really well with them. She's even trying to convince me to do one...and I'm thinking about it.

One of the women would love to leave her spouse, but she's can't convince her father-in-law to come with her and her daughter. The father-in-law has this crazy idea that some treasure map will lead to the find of a lifetme and provide the money necessary to get his son the help he needs and restore the family. I wish that were the case, but I find it hard to believe. In fact, the bit about the restoration of the family is, sadly, the most unbelievable of the two scenarios. I wish it wasn't that way. I wish Mr. Cantor's dreams would come true.

Of course, we all have our impossible dreams. Mine is that no one would ever be in an abusive situation again. What's yours?


  1. The dream may be impossible, but good for you for all you do to help!

  2. Dreams are all impossible until they come true... thank goodness there are people like you doing all you can in the meantime!