Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trudy Devereaux: Being friends with Dae'O'Donnell

Being friends with Dae O'Donnell
By Trudy Devereaux
From A Haunting Dream
By Joyce and Jim Lavene

Sometimes it's not easy being friends with Dae O'Donnell.

I mean, I've been her friend since second grade. I've always known she was 'gifted'. My mama called it 'cursed'. I never told Dae that.

Dae's 'gift' of finding things no one else can find wasn't that bad when we were young. She could find quarters people had lost in the road on the way to school. She always shared them with me so we both got ice cream money.

It was a little weird when teachers, or the school principal, would ask her to find things. Kind of creepy, you know? But Dae was my friend and I went along with it.

Now I think I may have to draw the line. Dae is different. Her 'gift' is different. It's not only about the things she finds that she puts into her Missing Pieces shop.

Now she's seeing ghosts and talking to people who aren't there. She talks about people dying - being murdered, right here in Duck, North Carolina. Can you imagine? She's even helping the FBI look for a kidnapped child.

I guess I never thought her 'gift' would be good for more than finding watches and quarters.

I hate to admit it, but I don't understand. Dae is so busy looking for this missing child, she even skipped her pedicure last week. She doesn't eat or sleep. I barely see her. She spends more time with Shayla Lily from the psychic adviser shop on the boardwalk than she does with me. That hurts my feelings.

I wish she was more normal so we could spend all our time talking about things we'd like to do before we die, and what our dream wedding would be like. I know Dae is the Mayor of Duck and she has to spend some time running for re-election this year. I'm sorry poor Chuck Sparks had to die, and that Dae has to look for his daughter too.

I just hope when this is all over that we can find our friendship again. I miss those days.

A Haunting Dream
Book 4 in the National Bestselling Missing Pieces Mysteries
By Joyce and Jim Lavene
And Berkley Prime Crime
December 4th

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