Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year's Resolutions from Appleseed Creek!

New Year’s Resolutions from the characters of the Appleseed Creek Mystery Series by Amanda Flower

Chloe Humphrey (English)-- I resolve to get to know Timothy Troyer better, keep his sister out of trouble, and stay as far away from Curt Fanning and murder investigations as possible.

Timothy Troyer (Former Amish)—I resolve to expand my business and make myself into a man worthy of Chloe.

Becky Troyer (Former Amish, Timothy’s 19 year old sister)—I resolve to build my own life and be the Next Food Network Star.
Ruth Troyer (Timothy’s 13 year old sister)—I resolve to convince Becky to come back home.

Grandfather Zook (Amish, the Troyer children’s grandfather)—I resolve to enjoy my family, life, and culture and remind my grankinner to laugh.

Aaron Sutter (Amish)—I resolve to have Becky Troyer fall in love with me.

Deacon Sutter (Amish church official, Aaron’s father)-- I resolve to run Chloe Humphrey out of Appleseed Creek.

Chief Greta Rose (English)—I resolve to find out how Chloe Humphrey can help me with my Amish cases.

Curt Fanning (English, local ne’re-do-well) – I resolve to have my revenge.

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