Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sunny Meadows Speaks about Technology & Granny Gert

Trouble in the Tarot
by Kari Lee Townsend
Sunny Meadows speaks

Hi all, Sunny here. I can't believe another year has gone by. It's crazy how fast time moves. And time isn't the only thing that moves fast, so does technology. Which, I guess, isn't such a bad thing. I really need some help coming up with new ways to help the police in solving crimes in my quaint little town of Divinity, NY.

Especially with my Granny Gert stirring up trouble ever step of the way.

Her arch nemesis, Fiona Atwater, has come to town, and let me tell isn't pretty! They try to compete for everything and argue non-stop. When they both get into trouble for real this time, I need all the help I can get in keeping them in check. I'm ready to implant a microchip thingy like they use for pets in case they get lost or stolen into both their naughty behinds. You'll see what I mean when you read their story on March 5th.

When I was doing some research on technology, I found some really cool things my author Kari Lee Townsend just loves.

Kickin' Technology!

Books are not just on book shelves anymore. They are on cyber shelves as well. What if someone bought her book and wanted an autograph?

Only...they bought this particular book in cyber land.

Authorgraph has solved that problem.

My author squealed when I told her about it. It's this really cool site where she can list her books and readers can click on them, requesting an autograph. Or in this case an authorgraph :-)

Her books are listed here: 

This site has a lot of cool features as well. Like she can go under Author Tools and grab the widget for her books. Then wherever they are sold in cyber land, she can add the widget for an autograph of that particular book right in the description of the book. How cool is that?

When people receive her autograph, she can now share that for others to see on Twitter.

Also, Authorgraph Live is coming soon. So now when she is having a book signing for her print books and someone stands in line with their ereader containing their ebook version, she will be able to sign that as well and give them a "live" authorgraph in person, right then and there.

I just love the times we're living in. Some VERY cool things happening these days :-) And my author loves it, too.

So tell me, have you discovered any new kickin' technology that you want to share? Or a way to keep my granny in line? I'd love to hear about it. And don't forget, whatever way you choose to read, Trouble in the Tarot will be available in all formats on March 5th. 


  1. Wow that sounds like fun! Now they just have to find a way for Kari Lee to sign my paperbacks which I order online, while I live in Holland! Do you ship signed bookmarks so far out?
    I am looking forward to the next book!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what Granny Gert gets into.

  3. I haven't heard the term 'authorgraph' before, but I have heard of the concept.

  4. It's a fun concept, Mary. Hard to keep up with the crazy pace technology speeds along at.

    Aurian, thanks so much. Send your address to me at and I will send you some bookmarks and an autographed bookplate to put in your book :-)

    Just wait Dru...Granny is a hoot.