Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Think Spring

Reagan Summerside here. January at the Prissy Fox consignment shop has Auntie KiKi and me thinking spring wardrobe and looking forward to the new things coming our way. I studied the fashions in mags to see want everyone will be wearing this year.

Dear Lord, not that! Least not on me. I don’t care if  Louis Vuitton designed it. Yuck!

And the same for this Armani. Do you see anyone in your neck of the woods wearing this stuff? I know Savannah is not NYC but good grief. 

What colors are “in” for spring this year. Grayed Jade?  Does anyone look good in this color? Linen? Looks like you’re already dead.  Emerald, African Violet, lemon-zest yellow and nectarine are spring colors I can live with

But back to the clothes. What are real women wearing this spring with their real money in their pocketbooks? I decided to look where real women shop.
Coldwater Creek has this jacket and I do believer it is lemon-zest yellow.
And what about Target. Everyone shops Target!  Even I can afford Target once in a while. Look at these flip-flops for $17 and these gym shoes for 24 and strapy wedges for $30. 

If you’re going to be in a wedding you can find a bridesmaid dress for only $69! Don't you love this watch for $29 and sweater for $30!
And then there’s the purses. I love purses. I have my pleather purse I got at Target on sale that I affectionately call Old Yeller but here are some great purses online at Bonanza for $19. Wow!  

So there you have a quick rundown for spring 2013. Do you see anything here that tickles your fancy? Any color you’re going to add to your wardrobe? A new purse that catches your eye? I really like this pink one.


  1. I like the purses, they are cute.

  2. Hi, Ingeborg
    So nice to be looking at spring colors instead of winter grays and blacks.
    I need some new stuff but don't want to spend a ton. Love consignment shopping for that very reason.

  3. Love the pastels and summer shades. Now if only I was thin enough to do them justice. LOL I enjoyed the first book very much and I'm looking forward to reading this new adventure.

  4. So glad you enjoyed Iced Chiffon, Crinolines is out in May.
    I have really ugly feet so no cute shoes for me but a new purse is always fun. And these are sooo cheap!
    Don't you wonder who buys those horrid Louis Vuitton etc outfits you see on the runway? LOL

  5. Not into purses, but I do love those flip-flops and that sweater. But honestly, Reagan, I do like that Louis Vuitton outfit -- a short sweater over a tunic with leggings or slim pants? But I bet I wouldn't like the price tag!

  6. Duffy, looking forward to May......and the new book. The spring colors are looking pretty good. I am ready for cold and grey to be gone.

  7. I have the same problem Nora has. Why is black the only slimming color? And I totally agree with Annette -- three days of cold rain, and I'm ready to see some lemon zest!

    ~ Sophie

  8. I love the spring colors I just can't wear yellow. My mom told me I looked like an egg in it. The beginning of next week, we'll be in nothing but layered wools since the temps here are supposed to get in the negative side. Can't wait for the next book to come out!!!!

  9. Erin, I had on a tunic with skinny pants and boots today. Always a good look. One of the best for winter.

    Annette...I am so ready for bright colors too. Tired to death of gray.

    Sophie, I have a lot of black too but add colorful scarves and tops. This time of year I look like paste!

    HI, Sue. Yellow doesn't work for me either. Pinks and corals are all good. Thanks for the kind words on Killer in Crinolines.

  10. I love the colors, on other people. I almost always wear black.

  11. Hi, Aurian. I wear sooo much black too and add some color with a scarf or maybe a jacket. Maybe I'll shake things up this spring but I cannot imagine myself in pink pants. LOL
    The world is not ready for that.