Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Life...er, Make that WIFE...of a Sheriff

by Rajani "Reggie" Singh
from THREAD ON ARRIVAL by Amanda Lee

Hello. I'm Reggie Singh, and my official job is the director of the Tallulah Falls Library. But when you're married to the Sheriff of a small town, you can't settle on just one job. Sometimes it seems as if I've become Tallulah Falls' unofficial "mom." One minute I'm shelving books, and the next I'm counseling domestic abuse victims and trying to convince a man to flee his home.

Let me back up. Manu, my sweet husband, asked me if I would be the facilitator for a group of domestic abuse victims. Of course, I said yes. I'd had some classes in psychology and manned a counseling hotline while I was in college, so I didn't feel completely out of my element. Plus, I wanted to help these people have better lives.

I knew that people in group therapy sometimes have an easier time talking if they're doing busy work. Some counselors give their clients coloring books or clay. I felt that our group would benefit by doing busy work they could be proud of. I wanted them to have something pretty to show for their group participation, whether they decided to speak up or not. So I enlisted Marcy Singer, owner of the Seven-Year Stitch, to teach the women cross-stitch and needlepoint. Marcy was great. She brought beginning kits for both forms of embroidery, and the members of the group were able to choose the design and the type of needlecraft they liked best.

But wouldn't you know it? One of the women mentioned that she and her daughter would leave their home for a women's shelter if they didn't have to leave her father-in-law behind. She said he was convinced his antique tapestry was a treasure map that would lead to riches and a better life for them all.

So here Marcy, Deputy Audrey Dayton, and I are in the library's bookmobile traveling to the home of a man who has been arrested and failed--failed, mind you!--court mandated anger management classes to convince his father to leave the home. We should all three have our heads examined. Our hearts, though...they're in the right place. I mean, you'd do the same thing...right?


  1. I've been in a bookmobile where all the books flew off the shelves when we made a sharp turn. Can be dangerous!

  2. You bet, Reggie. It might not be smart but there are somethings you've just gotta do.

  3. Yes, especially if police officer was with me.

  4. A bookmobile is one of the best inventions - ever.

  5. I've always thought that cross stitch and needlepoint are one and the same thing. Going for google translator now. And driving a bookmobile sounds awesome!