Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's a guy to do?

By Mark Dreyfrus
from the Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries
by Erika Chase

It’s one week until Valentine’s Day and I’m trying to come up with something really special to give my gal, Lizzie Turner. Something that lets her know just how much she means to me.

We first met in high school. No, that’s not quite true. We never really met but I was aware of her. She’d be sitting on a bench in the school courtyard at noon, her nose stuck in a book, reading; or sitting on the stands at the weekly football game, reading. At first I felt a bit put out with that, seeing as I was quarterback and thought she should be watching me.

She was different from most of the girls I knew those days.  I guess that’s what caught my eye. Lizzie and her books. Lizzie not crowding to be around me. She was pretty cool looking, too.

We met again at a crime scene last fall. I’m the police chief of Ashton Corners and the murder took place just outside where her book club was meeting. Which meant, it was really hard to keep her from sticking that same nose into the case. And, I do have to admit that she helped to catch the murderer.

So, back to that special gift.  Somehow flowers, chocolates, a fancy dinner and the other usual things are just that…usual.  I’d like to make up for all the times the job took priority and I had to break a date. So maybe I’ll suggest we just spend the evening at her home, reading ... and I'll leave my cell phone at my place. Of course, we probably won't be reading the entire evening!

Do you think she’d like that? Or do you have some other suggestions?

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  1. I think she'll like having you all to herself. Still bring the chocolates, flowers and perhaps a mystery book or two.

    1. That's exactly what I was going to say, Dru. And maybe bring her one of her favorite meals for supper, too? Oops, bring enough for yourself...

  2. Right on, Dru and Willow. I was hoping the fact that I suggest we "read" would be a big plus since she knows that's not usually my first choice of activities. And of course, it has to be a cozy mystery -- that's her favorite.

  3. I prefer books way more than chocolate, flowers, jewelry, clothing or fancy dinners as gifts! Although a little chocolate doesn't hurt anything. But the books are at the top of that list, for sure!

    1. Thanks, Elaine. Chocolates are now back on the list. Hopefully she'll share them.

  4. Dru nailed it! Do what she says, Mark, and you'll be a sweetheart for sure!

  5. Lol Mark I am sure my boyfriend could use some of that advice! And I do agree, give her some books from her wishlist (she for sure has one or two!) and some chocolates as well. Your company will be the most appreciated though.