Thursday, February 28, 2013

When the Mountains Call....

-->By Beatrice Matthews, from the Cumberland Creek Mysteries, written by Mollie Cox Bryan
Sometimes the mountains call to me. Maybe if you weren't born and bred near the mountains, you can't relate. It's a yearning to feel the rocky earth underfoot, to walk unencumbered by sidewalk and crowds, to take in the season, the way it was meant to be, outside, not from a window.  Lawd knows, I love my seasons. I love to watch the turning of them, which starts a lot sooner than you know if all you do is watch from you inside.

So, when I feel this calling, I know what I need to do. I heed the call. I usually go alone and not very deep into the mountains these days. I promised Vera, my daughter, you see, that I wouldn't go too far off.  But I would not go as far to say I'd always have someone with me on my journeys. That what Vera wants, you know, she wants a glorified babysitter for me. I won't have it. I'm 81-years-old and have been walking these hills, well, ever since I could walk. If something happens to me out there, well, so be it. I'm not afraid. Besides, not many people can keep up with me. And that's the truth. It's a bother for me to keep turning around to ask if my companion is okay. Sometimes, I don't mind the company.

Funny, ever since Vera was a little girl, she'd say her prayers looking at the mountains from her bedroom window. As she grew, she always thought of God as a mountain. Her Sunday school teacher mentioned it to me a few times. Finally I told her it was none of her business what my child thought about God. But later that night we talked about it and I told her not to be ashamed of what she felt, but that sometimes it was best to keep our ideas about God to ourselves. 

Hard thing for a child to really understand. Looking back on it, I thought I was teaching Vera, but as it turns out, maybe she was teaching me. I never felt as close to the Universe as I do when I am walking these hills. How about you? 

Scrapbook of Secrets, book #1 of the Cumberland Creek Mysteries, has been nominated for an Agatha Award for the Best First Novel of 2012!  
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  1. I like going to the beach and seeing nothing besides lake and sky.

  2. I like the beach for a vacation, but I'd miss the mountains too much to live there. Thanks for commenting, Willow!

  3. I like wandering the forest myself, as there are no mountains in Holland, and our forests are really more like a park nowadays. But still I manage to get lost in them.

  4. Oh yeas! I'd love to wander the forests. Especially in Holland!

  5. Oh, I have yearned for the rocky underneath and not the icy sidewalks lately! The closest I can get to that is the local cemetery but the roads through there can be so icy too! The other day I was enjoying the peace and quiet but it was so icy I had to walk on the snow! I hope I didn't walk on anyone! It is a couple of miles to walk on icy to get to a nice wooded hill. It is just so hard to not have that rocky underneath to walk on in winter!