Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Mature Love

Coming in July!
by Arabella Andrews
from the Sweet Nothings Series
by Meg London

Did you ever notice how young kids--teens and twenty year olds--think they have a monopoly on love and romance?  As if no one over forty could possibly know what it's like to fall hard for someone--you know, when your heart beats faster when they enter a room, and your world seems to spin a little at the touch of their hand on yours.

I've been lucky enough to have experienced love a number of times--even now as I am about to turn 69!  To me he is the most brilliant, handsomest, most wonderful man in the world, and yes, my heart flutters whenver I catch a glimpse of him.

My friend Sylvia, who is well into her seventies, has also found love.  Although she'll deny there's anything going on--that's just Sylvia for you--but I can see the way her eyes light up when he is in the vicinity.

Heck, my former friend Sally Dixon and I were both going after the same man--women in our sixties--and if you read Murder Unmentionable, you'll know what happened! Who would think that a sixty-something woman would act like that?

What about you?  What do you think?  Do you think love in your latter years is possible?


  1. Speaking from a man's viewpoint, yes, love is possible in the later years.

  2. There's something special about later love, I think. I'm all for it!

  3. Yes I think it is possible and also wonderful.

  4. Haven't you heard? 60 is the new 40! All sorts of wonderful things can happen!


  5. O yes, I found love at 38 after living alone for 17 years.