Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm a Detective, but I'm a Grandmother First

by Myrtle Crumb from When Good Bras Go Bad by Gayle Trent

Hi, there. How are ya'll? My name is Myrtle, and I'm volunteering in the middle school cafeteria this week to help poor Wilbur Brody, the school's resource officer, catch a thief. Wilbur is young...and if you ask me, he ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer, so he needs my expertise...whether he thinks he does or not.

You see, somebody has been stealing things at the school--a band instrument, some cash, a bracelet--and whoever it is, they're trying to set up my granddaughter Sunny to take the fall for them. Sunny's not her real name--I call her that because she's my Sunshine. Her real name is Crimson. Her mama, my daughter Faye, hung that on her.

Lately Sunny has been hanging around with this new girl named Alicia, who goes by Al. Well, honey, let me tell you, this Al is too pretty for her own good and dresses like she's getting ready to star in one of them rock-n-roll videos. I'm afraid she's a bad influence on Sunny. In fact, I think she might be the very bird that's doing the stealing and trying to frame Sunny. My little granddaughter might be fixing to learn that a friend's betrayal is like when a good bra goes bad: first it lets you down, and then that underwire pokes you right in the heart.

When Good Bras Go Bad is the 2nd novella in the Myrtle Crumb series, originally published by Grace Abraham Publishing and now available in Kindle form. For more information, visit Gayle's website: http://www.gayletrent.com/books/.