Saturday, March 2, 2013

Interview with Thomas Troyer

 by Author Amanda Flower interview seven-year-old Thomas Troyer from the Appleseed Creek Mystery Series
Amanda: Thank you for sitting down to the interview today, Thomas.
Thomas: (wiggles in chair) My teacher said you are writing a book.
Amanda: I am. It’s mostly about Chloe and Timothy, but since you are Timothy’s brother, I thought it would be good to interview you too.
Thomas: I am his only brother. We have three sisters. But being brothers is very important.
Amanda: I know.
Thomas: What are you writing about them for?
Amanda: Umm… well, they seem to get in sticky situations.
Thomas: You mean all the murders.
Amanda: You know about that?
Thomas: Oh yes. I hear Mamm and Daed talking about it at night when they think the children are sleeping.
Amanda (frowns) : You are so young to know about sad things like that.
Thomas: I’m seven. That’s old. I’m halfway through school. I only have seven years left.
Amanda: Do you like school?
Thomas (wrinkles his nose): It’s hard to sit still that long. Teacher is always telling me to sit up straight. It's so hard. I do like seeing my friends and recess.
Amanda: Do you have a favorite game?
Thomas: I like volleyball. We play that at recess a lot. I’m good at it.
Amanda: What about quiet games?
Thomas: I like to play checkers with my grossdaddi.
Amanda: Your grandfather is Grandfather Zook.
Thomas: Ya. He is a lot of fun. (giggles) He makes Daed so mad at times.
Amanda: What do you think about Chloe?
Thomas: I like Chloe. She is so pretty and nice even if she is an Englischer. I think my bruder Timothy likes her even more. They are always looking at each other. It’s a little too mushy for me.
Amanda: It’s kind of hard to write a book nowadays without some mushy stuff. Sorry.
Thomas: Do you think Chloe will marry Timothy and be Amish?
Amanda: No, she won’t be Amish. Marry Timothy? We will have to wait and see.
Thomas: Why won’t she be Amish?
Amanda: It’s not the right life for her. She’s a computer geek.
Thomas: How do you know?
Amanda: Umm… well…this is awkward. It’s because I’m the author. I created Chloe, Timothy, and you.
Thomas: Are you saying you tell us what to do?
Amanda (grimaces): Sort of.
Thomas: I don’t want an Englischer telling me what to do!
Amanda: Don’t worry, Thomas. I don’t have control over any of my characters. You guys surprise me all the time.
Thomas: Okay. Because I’m seven and I make my own choices.
Amanda: How well I know.
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