Sunday, March 10, 2013

Meddlers or Murderers?

Charlie Harris from the NY Times best-selling "Cat in the Stacks" series by Miranda James

Growing up in Athena, Mississippi, I heard many tales about the Ducote sisters, Miss An'gel and Miss Dickce. They were (and still are) the grande dames of Athena society. Their family was among the first to settle here, and their ancestral home, River Hill, is the one of the oldest and finest antebellum homes still standing. My family didn't move in those social circles, but I occasionally glimpsed the glamorous sisters during adolescence and young adulthood. They knew my family -- they know everybody in Athena and to whom they are related -- but we were never invited to River Hill.

All that changed recently when they invited me to fill a vacant spot on the board of the Friends of the Athena Public Library, vacated by my dear friend Helen Louise Brady. The first meeting I attended was the one I hosted, and I wasn't quite prepared for the fireworks between the Ducote sisters and Vera Cassity, who has long been aching to move the sisters aside and become the queen bee.

But now that someone has been murdered, and the Ducote sisters are meddling in the matter, I have to wonder -- are they simply meddling because they have to know what's going on in "their" town, or are they trying to hide any traces of guilt from having committed murder?

Diesel adores them, which is usually a good sign, and he detested the victim. But my wonderful Maine Coon boy isn't infallible when it comes to reading character. I'm going to be nervous about Miss An'gel and Miss Dickce until this murder case is solved, however.

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