Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ghosts and Cats - Who Knew?

by Kath Rutledge from the Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries

Ghosts are a lot like cats. They’re finicky. They’re moody. They need a certain amount of down time. And just as a woman shouldn’t have too many cats, if she can help it she also shouldn’t have too many ghosts, or she might end up being called a crazy ghost lady. Or just plain crazy. I think that might be what happened to my dear, late grandmother, Ivy McClellan.

I heard people call Granny “Crazy Ivy” from time to time when I’d visit her in Blue Plum, Tennessee. She heard the nickname too, of course, but she’d brush it aside or laugh it off and she never told me how she came by it. She never told me she talked to ghosts, either, but maybe by the time I was old enough to notice that kind of thing, she had the knack of being haunted and didn’t make a beginner’s mistakes anymore. Because the tricky part, when you see and hear a ghost no one else believes in, is remembering not to talk to her when other people are around. 

I’m still new to a lot of things since inheriting Granny’s yarn shop and moving down here to Blue Plum to run it. One of them is the whole ghost-in-residence thing. Luckily, I’ve only ended up with one ghost on my hands. One is plenty. Actually, zero ghosts would be fine.

 Wouldn’t it be nice if we could choose what we inherit? Or is that too much like those folktales where someone is granted three wishes and havoc follows? What would you like to inherit someday or what three wishes would you make?

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  1. I agree, be careful what you wish for. Actually, I don't want to inherit anything, I want my mom to live forever...

  2. Yes, be careful what you wish for. But I would wish for good health for me and my family, to be guaranteed I won't be fired or that the firm fails, and I do not want to win the grandprize in the lottery, but a few thousand euros would be very much welcome.

    1. A few thousand for "mad money" or a rainy day would be great, Aurian. Good health, healthy home, and a lasting job - nice wishes!