Sunday, April 28, 2013

Going Digital and Loving it. Kind of.

By: Annie Chamovitz

From: The Cumberland Creek Mystery Series
Author: Mollie Cox Bryan
Book 2 Title: Scrapped

 By Annie Chamovitz
Embracing change is never easy—or at least not for me.  As a reader, I looked askance at e-reading devices, for example. Now I have two—one was a gift. Though I have a house full of books—and yes, a garage full, too—I’m finding that I actually prefer reading on my Nook. I have an iPad, but it’s heavier and harder on my eyes. I don’t know why the Nook also seems to help me along as far as how quickly I read.
As a writer, these changes were disturbing to me. At first. But now I see a world of new opportunity and new ways to reach my readers. We live in an amazing time.
As a scrapbooker, I’ve also looked askance at digital scrapbooking. Sheila, the person in town who sells all of my scrapbooking supplies, and who has us all to her house every Saturday to crop, is really falling in love with it. I’m still not sold completely—meaning I don’t see a time when I will ever stop scrapbooking with paper and books. (It’s the same with books actually. I will always have them in my life.) But I have to tell you, I’ve been bitten. It’s so much fun for me that I have to be careful. I can spend HOURS perusing places on-line shops. Some offer digital scrapbooking kits for a fee, of course. But they also offer freebies. And until I get the hang of thing a little better, I don’t want to buy a lot of stuff.
And now I’ve bought a real digital scrapbooking program called My Memories, which is a very easy to use program. And look out world, here I come. Sheila uses Photoshop, which is just a little too complicated for a beginner like me.
Unfortunately, some scrapbooking stores have found themselves closing—like bookstores have. And that is troubling. But we will always need scrapbook stores and all of the physical scrapbook materials—just like with books.
Have any of you tried digital scrapbooking? Do you read traditional books? E-books? Both?

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  1. Sooooooo not a digi scrapper ... I love the smell and feel of real scrappy papers! :) But I do loveeeeee my Kindle!! I love that a book store is at my finger tips all day long :)

  2. Not a scrapbooker, but I love my kindle.

  3. Is digital scrapbooking potentially less social? I'm picturing my knitting club lugging knitting machines to meetings...

  4. I love the real papers, too, but I like that you need less storage. Opal, laptops can go anywhere and I think along of people take them with them to crops. Laptops are easier than the huge storage systems scrappers sometimes take with them to crops.
    I'm in love with my Nook. There are some books that I fall in love with and end up buying a physical copy of them anyway. I also have an iPad, but I prefer the Nook for reading. Thanks for commenting everybody!

  5. I'm a real paper person -- through and through. I need texture and dimension that real embellishments give me. That being said, I do have My Memories and it's a great program, definitely perfect for the beginner.

    Since I work on a PC all day long when I get home at night the last thing I feel like doing to digi scrapbooking.

    I am a staunch believer in supporting our local scrapbook stores and want to keep ours in business.

    I'm not an eReader, but I do love my iPad and MacBook. I prefer a regular book with pages - call me old fashioned! lol!!!

  6. I wish I had a local scrapbook store to support. I'm all for supporting the stores. When I travel, I scope them out, believe me! :)

  7. I don't scrapbook but we have a wonderful Ben Franklin store in our town that would have all of your scrapbooking needs. I Love reading on my IPad. I really didn't think I would that much but it is so much easier to take my IPad on a trip than to decide which books to take along and pack. I do really like paper books too. They were my first love.

  8. I don't scrapbook myself, but I do love to read. And I still do not have an e-reader, but I do read an ebook now and again on the computer. I will never give up my paperbacks :)