Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Gang's All Here

by Hayley Snow from Lucy Burdette's Key West food critic mysteries

Okay, so we're all a little dizzy trying to get ready for the launch of TOPPED CHEF--coming to bookstores near you in exactly one month! So I decided I'd introduce you to a few of the new characters, which will give the flavor of the story.

Without giving away too much, I think I can say that the new book involves a cooking reality TV show, which I got suckered into helping judge. (Who can resist that adorable Wally...especially when my job's on the line...)

The executive director and producer of the cooking contest is a man named Peter Shapiro--based on a real live guy with the same name. And one of the contestants is Randy Thompson, who goes by the name Victoria when he performs at the drag bar. (Okay, now you're getting the idea of how complicated this story is!) Here are Randy and Peter with my author, Lucy, and the cutest dog Ziggy--he came along too late to make it into the book, but maybe next time!

I couldn't get either Detective Bransford or Officer Torrence to pose for me--can you imagine? I do realize that being a cop is complicated in Key West--we have over a million visitors per year in this town and a homeless population of over 500. No wonder the guys get a little cranky protecting paradise...
 And everybody probably knows Dominique, the cat man, but Evinrude suggested I put him up again. He's convinced that's he's better looking than Dominque's cats: I have to agree--they are better trained though:).

Gotta go now--Lucy's calling--needs my help on a scene she's "writing."

We will all see you soon for the launch of TOPPED CHEF--though we hope you'll preorder now

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Four little judges, judging for TV. One swinging from the mast, and then there were three. Three little judges, tasting wine and roux. One couldn’t swim, and then there were two. . . .Hayley Snow, Topped Chef 


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  1. Thanks for the fun posts and pictures! Looking forward to reading the series.