Friday, April 19, 2013

Real Life is Better than Fiction...

TROUBLE IN THE TAROT by Kari Lee Townsend
Sunny Meadows speaks...

Okay, so everyone knows my Granny Gert is a terrible driver. She gets into all kinds of scrapes, and when the people of Divinity see her coming, they duck and run for cover. In this latest adventure, Granny's luck runs out and she lands herself in the biggest trouble yet.

Well, it turns out our author, Kari Lee Townsend, doesn't have good luck when it comes to cars lately either. Here's the scoop:

She was at her sons (all 3 of them) lacrosse games. With two on JV and one on Varsity, she's pretty much stuck at the fields for 4 hours every time they have a game. Last year the whether was beautiful this time of year.  This year not so much. She's way behind her pages because her fingers are numb. But that's another story.

Back to her trouble with cars. So she had just arrived at the game, and the small parking lot was full. A spot finally opened up, so she grabbed it. After getting out of her car and locking it up tight, she stopped a couple cars down to talk to one of the other lax moms. Suddenly they  heard...


Turning to see what had happened, they gasped. A big truck with a tank on it had backed up into Kari's Durango. Talk about stressed out, she had no clue what to do. Her friend started taking pictures and they called their boss. There were all sorts of official numbers on the truck. It looked like a city truck.

So after Kari got stuck watching the game from the parking lot, the boss finally arrived. She offered to pay for everything, even a rental car or whatever Kari needed. Kari wasn't out to get anyone, so she didn't call the cops, she just took the woman's card with all the info.

The next day when she went to get an estimate, she happened to look closely at the card. It wasn't a city truck at all...the card said:

Ms. Potty's...We Stink Pretty!

S**t didn't hit the fan, it literally hit my truck :) That truck had been there to empty the porta potties.

This could only happen to Kari. Thankfully the owner was a sweetheart. She not only paid for everything, but she also promised to hook Kari up if she ever needed a porta potty. But if I know Kari, I know exactly what she'll do with the story...

put it in a book :) They say write what you know and real life is better than fiction.

I say, "Look out, Granny, I think you've met your match!"


  1. So tell me...what crazy real life events have happened to you lately?

  2. Oh, wow...that's quite a story! Glad it turned out okay in the end. As you say...research! Fortunately, I can't top that.

  3. Wow Kari, it still must have been a shock. I have had some minor accidents myself lately, and am even thinking of giving up driving. Especially as it gets more and more expensive.

  4. This book cover has me hooked. Wonder what her next book will be like with that car experience!

  5. Oh yeah, I was shocked. Hasn't happened to me in so long, I couldn't think what to do for a minute, Aurian.

  6. Thanks Book Dilettante. I love my cover, too, and can't wait to add this "episode" to the next book :) Such fun!