Friday, April 5, 2013

Turning a New Page

by Bea Cartwright, owner of Bea & Bees and heroine of Kylie Logan’s series, the League of Literary Ladies which premiers on June 4 with "Mayhem at the Orient Express"
The way I understand it, it’s never too early for a business owner to start promoting, so that’s what I’m taking the opportunity to do today. My inn, Bea & Bees, is about to open, and I can’t tell you how excited I am. Well, excited and nervous, too.

See, the B&B is located on South Bass Island, twelve miles from the Ohio shore in Lake Erie. And I’m a transplanted Manhattanite. It’s not the easiest transition, going from big city to what is essentially a very small and water-locked town. Of course, that was my whole point in moving here. I was looking for a slower pace, a less stressful life–and anonymity, too. And I think I found it here on South Bass in the Victorian home I’ve restored and will open to tourists.

Now if only I could get my neighbors to behave! Kate Wilder lives across the street. She owns the local winery and my goodness, she’s a picky woman! In fact, she’s the one who protested the opening of the B&B, told the township board that my land could be used for better things. And Chandra Morrisey, the woman who lives next door? Gritting my teeth here, because Chandra with her crystal readings and herb growing, is as wacky as they come, and her cat, Jerry Garcia, is about to drive me up a wall! Jerry, you see, has some pretty unsanitary bathroom habits, and he’s chosen my flower boxes to display them.

Do I need to take all this up with the town magistrate again? And if I do and he drags us all into court–again–what possibly go wrong? It’s not like appearing in court can lead to something weird like being sentenced to be a book discussion group. I mean, that would just be crazy. And it’s not possible that reading the Christie classic "Murder on the Orient Express" could possibly lead to a real murder.

Could it?


  1. Hi Bea, I'm looking forward to meeting you and your wacky neighbors.

  2. Oh, wouldn't it be fun for all the Killer Characters to meet in one story! Yikes!!! We'd be tripping over dead bodies!

  3. Good luck with the new B&B Bea! Looking forward to reading about you and your not so nice neighbours.