Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm really a nice guy!

By Derek Alton from Read and Buried

Book #2 in the Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries

by Erika Chase

I’m so pleased to meet new fans! And, I’m very happy to grab this opportunity to say my piece. You see, I don’t get much of a chance in Read and Buried. That Erika Chase has gone and had me murdered in chapter two. Can you imagine!

For the rest of the book you get to hear everybody else talking about me and my life but you don’t get to hear my side of the story. So, here goes.

Sure, I may  have a bit of an ego. But you’ve got to in the publishing world. Otherwise, most authors would have given up after the first rejection. Wasn’t the case with me, though. I persevered and kept writing, even teaching creative writing for a while, until I finally found a publisher. And, I even won an award, a xxx, for that book. That’s what ego gets you. And, I’ve dined out on that award for the past decade. Of course, it helps to have a lot of charm, too.

Now, the fact that my latest book is causing such a stir in Ashton Corners is all to the good, the way I see it. Bigger sales! I may, or I may not, be including even more details and names of the various needy ladies in this small community. But even just the hint of a scandal has set a lot of tongues wagging.

Unfortunately, it may have also gotten me killed.

I have to trust in Lizzie Turner (although I didn’t make too great of a first impression on her – I really thought she was into me!) and the members of the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society to put their sleuthing skills to work. This wasn’t quite the notoriety I had hoped for…but when the killer is found, it will probably mean even more book sales! It’s just too bad I won’t be able to do any signings.

So tell me, what do you find attractive in a guy?

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  1. Lots of things are attractive in men, including a healthy ego. But if an ego causes a man to become arrogant, my friends and I might laugh at him behind his back...

    Not naming any names, but one of those too-arrogant men graces the pages of Threaded for Trouble. I'm not worried that he'll recognize himself from my description. He seemed to think--er, know--that he was devastatingly charming.

  2. I don't like a braggart, but of course a man has the right to be a little proud of his achievements. And he can have good looks but better not be vain about it.