Friday, May 17, 2013

Midsummer Magic?

by Willow Vanderling from the Threadville Mystery series by Janet Bolin

This year, the summer solstice falls on Friday, June 21, and in Threadville, we’re making plans. First of all, we’re going to have a sidewalk sale. Though the word “magic” is more often associated with Midsummer, we decided to call our sidewalk sale the Midsummer Madness Sidewalk Sale.

It will be a chance for shoppers to find great bargains from all of the Threadville shops. My shop is In Stitches. I sell high-end sewing machines, the kind that can embellish our sewing projects with machine embroidery. I also teach how to use the machines and the software required to create beautiful and original embroidery designs.

Across the street from me, my best friend, Haylee, runs a huge fabric store called The Stash. Seamstresses love her shop. Some say they could live there... Haylee is an accomplished tailor, and her sewing classes are in high demand. If I had time, I’d take them myself, but I’m nearly always in my own store giving embroidery workshops.

Haylee’s three mothers own the other three Threadville shops on that side of the street. Opal, Haylee’s birth mother, owns Tell a Yarn. In addition to selling everything needed for creating with yarn, Opal teaches knitting and crocheting and holds Friday night storytelling events.

Opal’s best friends, Edna and Naomi, helped Opal raise Haylee. Edna loves everything sparkly, which you’ll find out for yourself the minute you step into Buttons and Bows. But she sells other notions and trims, too. They don’t all have to glitter.

Naomi is Threadville’s quilting expert. In Batty About Quilts, she sells quilting fabrics and supplies, uses a long-arm quilting machine (sort of like an embroidery machine on steroids, and I want one...) to quilt the tops to the bottoms of quilts—with batting in the middle, and teaches quilting.

On my side of the street, in addition to In Stitches, we have a costume shop, a home decorating shop, and a hardware store. Everyone will have tables out front during the sale on the midsummer’s night.

Consider coming for the entire weekend. We also have a community picnic on Saturday night with all sorts of things for kids to do, and yummy food. And the newly restored Elderberry Bay Lodge, a fine old Victorian inn, is almost ready for guests after being boarded up for thirty years.
The moon will be full on Sunday night that weekend, great for romantic strolls on our Lake Erie beach.

It should be a fabulous weekend. What could possibly go wrong?

Do you have anything planned for the weekend beginning with the summer solstice and ending with a full moon? How about a trip to Threadville?

You can read more about the Midsummer Madness Sidewalk Sale, the community picnic, walks on the beach, and how Willow and her friends solve a murder in the third Threadville Mystery, THREAD AND BURIED, coming out on June 4!

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Janet Bolin’s first Threadville Mystery, DIRE THREADS, was nominated for both an Agatha Award for Best First novel and for the 2012 Bony Blithe Award. The second in the series, THREADED FOR TROUBLE, has been nominated for the 2013 Bony Blithe Award.

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And watch for the fourth Threadville Mystery in June, 2014…


  1. I think my mother would love to visit, she really loves embroidery. I rather read a mystery about it.

  2. We have lots to do in Threadville besides embroidery! I hope we're done with mysteries...

  3. What a fabulous, eerie picture! I wish I could come, but I have some plans of my own coming up. I'm itching to stay at the Elderberry Bay Lodge. With a name like that, it must be fabulous!


    1. An eerie Lake Erie picture... Threadville under a full moon. But actually, the village is very charming. I just happened upon that sight one night while walking Sally-Forth and Tally-Ho.