Monday, May 13, 2013

Plants don't kill - People Do By Peggy Lee

By Peggy Lee

From the Peggy Lee Garden Mysteries

By Joyce and Jim Lavene

I understand plants so much better than people.

You’ll never see an orchid do some of the things people do that gets them into trouble.

For example, I was very happy to help bring the International Flower Show to Charlotte, North Carolina for this year. Some of the people in Atlanta might not have been as happy about losing it for a year, but I think everyone should learn to share, don’t you?

Selfishness – another trait you won’t see in a rose or a bee balm.

It was a lot of hard work getting everything set up – hundreds of vendors from all over the world, showing off their projects, trying to find new sponsors. It was so thrilling to see it all come together.

Of course, that was before I walked in on opening day and found a large pile of black dirt in the middle of the showroom floor.

At first, I thought it was carelessness. Someone had been too tired to clean up their own mess and left it for others. At this point – that would’ve been me.

Then I saw the crude dogwood cross and the hundreds of pink thyme flowers on the mound.

I hate to say it, but I knew. I knew right then that it wasn’t something that simple. I didn’t know then how much it was going to impact me, beyond the work I’d put into the flower show.

That’s another thing you’ll never see from a violet or an iris – flowers don’t kill.

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  1. No, plants don't kill, but can be used to kill, and have been since men found out how.

  2. True. Plants don't kill in the same way that guns don't kill. They are instruments of malicious intent!

  3. The world of plants is a fascinating one. Great series.