Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring is in the Air in Divinity

TROUBLE IN THE TAROT by Kari Lee Townsend
Granny Gert loves the spring

It's May in Divinity, New York. You know what that means. Spring is in the air. April showers bring May flowers. I just love flowers. Sunny is a sweet girl, but she doesn't have a clue how to cook or keep a clean house or decorate.

She needs me.

I put fresh flowers on the table in her lovely ancient Victorian house we like to call Vicky. And Vicky likes it. I can tell. She fairly purs with pleasure. Though Sunny has a suspicious feeling that it's Morty whose doing the purring and haunting, scaring folks away so to speak.

Morty needs me too.

I keep things lively around here. Yes, spring has to be my favorite season. Better than summer any day. Summer is hot and sticky and tempers tend to flare when temperature rises. That's exactly what happens during the Summer Soltice Carnival. All that chaos wasn't entirely my fault. I blame it on the season. And my arch nemesis Fiona of course.

Now there's one woman I don't like, and she certainly doesn't need me. What she needs is a good old-fashioned time out. I just didn't expect to be in a time out with her. This time I'm the one who needs Sunny and Morty of course. Together, maybe they can figure this whole mess out.


  1. Poor Sunny. I've messed up good this time.

  2. Lol, I just read the book, and I think Vicky was very happy that Morty was there to prevent you ladies from doing something Sunny would have been very upset about ...
    And Granny Gery, I do wish you good luck with that handsome Captain Walker ...