Saturday, May 4, 2013


By Tigger
Newly Found Pet for Jenna Hart in Final Sentence
The first in A Cookbook Nook Mystery series
by Daryl Wood Gerber aka Avery Aames

My human, Jenna, doesn’t know this about me, but I’m pretty scrappy. Okay, I’m only three months old, if that, I’m not sure, but I’ve lived on the streets. I know the ropes. Think I don’t? Just try me. Try me.

I bounce, I pounce, I leap, I attack. I’m a watchdog, if you will. Except I’m a cat. A ginger cat. At least that’s what I’m told. What is a ginger cat? Got me. I’ve got stripes. Fur. I like milk. Organic tuna.

My mom…I can barely remember her. She and my brothers were together one moment on the truck and then, bam, separated. I fell off. I try not to think about it. I'm pretty sure my mother yelled for me. I yelled for her. It hurt to hit the pavement. But I survived. You move on, right? Like I said, I’m scrappy. Chin up. Ears alert.

I ended up in Crystal Cove, California. I love the ocean. The smell of salt. The breeze. The feel of sand beneath my paws. It’s so cool.

When I ventured into Jenna’s shop, I was simply looking for a free meal and perhaps a hug or two. She saw me and picked me up. Cuddled me hard. Rubbed her nose against mine. That’s when I knew we were meant to be together. Forever. 

Sure, I did all I could to win her over. A twist, a raise of my tail. It didn’t take much. I’m cute, what can I say?

Have you ever had a forever moment? You know, like, when you knew that you and your human were meant to be?



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  1. HI Tigger!!! I'm Sadie, not a cat, but a dog who was rescued 5 years ago by my mom and her two girls. I was a stray that was picked up and taken to the shelter. My mom lost her little dog to old age and wanted a new fur baby. She came to look at another little dog, but when she saw me there with the name tag Georgia, she told her friend I didn't look like a Georgia, but a Sadie. That was it!!! It was love at first sight. Later that day, she brought her two daughters to meet me. Then on Monday after I had my shots and a little surgery (I got spayed) she brought me home. I've been their constant companion since :)

    1. Hi, Sadie, I'm not sure what spayed is, but I'm so glad she brought you home. Kitty hugs.


  2. I have a little cat named Poodle - a 'rescue' from a Walmart parking lot! - and he's a ginger, too, Tigger!

    1. Your cat is named Poodle? Well, that's darned funny. Do you think Poodle might be related to me? I'm new at this.


  3. My first ever cat was a ginger (I called him a marmalade). His full name was "mittens the Kitten" but we all called him "kittywee".

  4. My rescue was a hand size tiny few days old grey tabby that was being drowned by a man at a river. My friend rescued him and gave him to me. He lived to be 21 years old and was always my best friend.
    My Mom had a ginger tom named Godzilla who lived up to his name. He ate purses, shoes and attacked every dog that dared cross his path- and he always won his battles!

  5. Hi Tigger, I am happy you have found your human after this brutal seperation from your family. You sure a resourceful kitten.

  6. Tigger is so cute and adorable. Looking forward to reading their adventures.