Monday, May 6, 2013

The Story of TOPPED CHEF: A Cat's Eye View

by Evinrude the Cat from Lucy Burdette's Key West Food Critic series

This is the true story of what happens in TOPPED CHEF

I had to wake Hayley up by patting her cheek. Good gravy, it had been light for a good half an hour and we cats were starving.

Then I batted Sparky around just to show him who's top cat on the houseboat while Hayley went jogging. An absurd activity if I've ever seen one.

Once Hayley went off to work, we talked Sparky's mom Miss Gloria into giving us a can of Fancy Feast before we took a snooze.

Then we sat out on the back deck and looked for fish and birds. A manatee passed under the boat and I thought Sparky would lose his mind.
And then that nice Tarot card man came over for lunch and slipped us little tidbits of grouper from his fish stew while the ladies weren't looking.

Then Hayley did a lot of rushing around. She didn't look too happy so I purred for her--that always seems to cheer her up.

And then--whoa--she baked a chicken but she pulled out the liver and gizzards first and set that aside for us cats. I heard Miss Gloria say something about teaching us to jump through hoops and rings of fire like the Cat Man does with his felines at Sunset every night. 

I nipped that in the bud by grabbing the loot and hightailing it out to the porch.


TOPPED CHEF is in bookstores and online tomorrow May 7!

If you'd like to know a little more than Evinrude was willing to share (and honestly, that's not the WHOLE story,) here's the book trailer.

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  1. I love Evinrude's take on the story! I can't wait for tomorrow!!

    1. He says thanks so much--it's time someone told the real story:)

  2. I don't understand the jogging thing, either. If you're going to run, you might as well chase a squirrel. Good luck tomorrow. I hear dogs and cats get better food and treats when books sell.


  3. You sure like to eat Evinrude :)