Thursday, May 16, 2013

Trouble on Steroids

Walker Boone here polishing my car, it’s a ’57 red Chey convertible. 

Some people go to a therapist when they got something on their mind, some call a friend, some people visit their watering hole to think things over. I polish my car.

What I have on my mind is Reagan Summerside. She’s driving me crazy. How am I supposed to find the killer when she’s snooping around and stirring up trouble? 

She’s got ever suspect in the dead-groom case diving for cover.  No one will answer questions with the human tornado swooping though town and making everyone’s secrets front page Kudzu fine news.

And then there’s the trouble she gets into. So far I’ve pulled her out from under a bookcase that mysteriously fell and fished her bony behind out of Gray’s swamp ‘cause someone ran her off the road. 

How much more trouble is she getting into before she really gets hurt?

How can I convince her to just go and sell dresses and hats at her shop and leave the sleuthing to me? Does she listen to me? Yeah, right.  

Reagan and I have a history and not the kind you’re thinking. I represented her husband, Hollis Beaumont the Third, in their divorce. I took Reagan to the cleaners financially. That  she was dumb enough to sign a prenup when she married Hollis made the taking to the cleaners part easy. 

And now that she’s taken up getting involved in everyone’s troubles our paths keep crossing. Lucky me...

Except deep down inside I’m sort of glad. Reagan’s trouble on steroids to be sure but she’s also exciting and keeps life interesting. 

Do you know someone like that? Someone you hang with just because they make life interesting? 

See you around


  1. It seems to me that you make her life interesting, too...

    1. And don't believe everything you hear on the Kudzu vine about me.

  2. I love this new series! I can't wait for the next book....

    1. Thanks! Walker Boone will keep you guessing, that's for sure. Just ask Reagan.

  3. I just received Killer in Crinolines, looking forward to reading it soon. Boone, how did you ever clean your computer of the pizza Reagan put in it?

  4. I loved Iced Chiffon, I can't wait to read the next book. I think Walker makes a great addition to this series.